Who are the people in your neighborhood?

Someone from my neighborhood is dropping by Small Works today to let you know a few important things:

This is the first neighbor from my latest commission piece -- all ten backgrounds are finished, but only one of the characters had all the body parts required to make an announcement today.

First off, my website has been updated to include a new gallery,


which will showcase a sampling of my recent works. If you're a Small Works reader, you've unfortunately seen at least bits and pieces of all of them . . . but you might still enjoy visiting them in their new neighborhood.

The other announcement is that I'll be on a flight first thing tomorrow morning to Boston, after which I'll be driving to nowheresville rural Vermont (actually, South Royalton, which is probably more accurately described as smallsville) to visit my favorite tree hugger and her adorable husband for a few days.

I've never been to Vermont!
So many trees to hug!
And all the maple syrup I can eat!
And kids I really miss!

It's almost too much goodness for one trip . . .

but Small Works will return on Wednesday, June 10, sticky-fingered and full of renewed environmental enthusiasm (and pictures!) for show and tell.

I hope you'll return then, too.

In the meantime, talk amongst yourselves.

Not sure what to talk about? I can suggest several topics:

1) Besides speculating on the obvious question, you could discuss whether or not you're old enough to know what this ad is talking about.

2) With this you could not only discuss the merits of tomato soup, but also the possible archaeological implications of having a can of condensed soup this old (1951) in your pantry. And share recipes?

3) Or perhaps you'd enjoy a more philosophical (and therefore intellectually stimulating) discussion, such as:


Or Bert?


Allie said...

LOLOL!!! Have a wonderful time Susan! And um, Bert, of course....

susan m hinckley said...

Bert, indeed.

luanne said...

have a wonderful trip seeing daughter & her hubby! i've only been to vermont once, very long ago... but i recall many huggable trees, delicious cabot cheese, and beautiful pottery from local artists.

no way could i choose between bert & ernie. but kermit is forever my #1 fave.

love the first commission character, looking forward to seeing the rest!

VO said...

Love Freshworks. Great to see them on one page.

The right twin has the Toni...and yes, I am old enough to have gotten a Toni (it burned!)

Zoƫ since she was introduced (at three years old) shortly after my daughter of the same name was born.

I had a friend who while in college and very poor used catsup packages and water as "soup". She won't eat tomato soup to this day.

april said...

i have to go with ernie. but how many of you have noticed the "bert" & "ernie" on "it's a wonderful life".

i have a taco soup recipe and a shepherd's pie recipe that both use tomatoe soup with good results.

have fun in vermont!!!

Crayons said...

Hi Susan,
I'm so happy to have visited you blog. I'd not seen it for several months I think.

Your work makes me smile and feel safe somehow. I love seeing people love what they do.

fromthepines said...


First - Bert.

I got here from Artsy mama's link from a while ago and just got around to reading your posts this weekend. What a treat. I love vintage paper and art and this blog is a great combo.
Your work is so unique. I checked out your website and I hope I am not being too forward - but have you thought about selling on etsy? I think it would be a perfect fit for you and for 20c what can you lose? And being able to sell your stuff without the lugging... how cool is that?

Have a good trip and I look forward to more posts!


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