We're not in Kansas anymore . . . nor MN, SD, ND, NB, IA . . . in fact, we're nowhere near the prairie, near as I can tell. . .

We did not see lions or tigers,

or even bears . . .

but, Oh My!

We were three steps across the state line into Vermont when we realized

we may as well be in Oz.

Or in a Northern Exposure episode.

(Maybe even quirkier.
Remember "I'm Larry,
this is my brother Darell,
and this is my other brother Darrell?"
Yeah. They live there.)

Green has long been my favorite color -- no competition -- and it was immediately apparent that I've been living in the wrong place for a lover of green.

Thanks for the Kermie illustration, Lindsay!

Kermit was obviously talking about Vermont when he said:

and green can be cool
and friendly-like,
or important like a mountain
or tall like a tree . . .

Crossing the White River entering South Royalton, VT

We had a lovely drive from Boston to South Royalton, stopping for lunch in Lowell/Andover Mass., where (it just happens to be) I was born.

South Royalton is perhaps too small for a big word like small --
it deserves a word more like "wee".
But it is in an amazingly beautiful setting.

And Vermont Law School sits on a lovely (albeit miniature) campus comprised of Victorian gingerbread, green and more green.

Our little fledglings are perched in the historic South Royalton House, a 150 year old inn. Many famous people stayed there in its heydey, including Abraham Lincoln's family after he was killed. It is located right on the SoRo village green, which also includes two bandstands and a sprinkling of marble monuments.

Their stay there has been full of all the drafty, moldy, creaky weirdness one might expect from such a building, which includes, among other things, an abandoned pub and ballroom, and a third floor full of old plumbing fixtures and other junk.

Someday they'll laugh about it and have great stories for their kids. The South Royalton House deserves, not a post,
but an entire blog of its own.

The main street in South Royalton is Chelsea St., and we encountered a lot of other Chelsea-isms there as well, which is fun if your name happens to be Chelsea.

We spent a spectacular morning

hiking at the Quechee Gorge.

We also feasted on pancakes the size of basketballs at Eaton's Sugarhouse,

where they basically get the syrup from a tree out back and bring it straight to your table. I'm afraid Jake may begin wearing a dab behind each ear as cologne. He loves his maple syrup.

All in all, it did this mother's heart
a lot of good to see that,

not only have they found their wings,

but they appear to be
soaring . . .

Unfortunately, after a day or two we had to hurry home in time for Russ to celebrate

Oops! I promised I wouldn't mention that!

I mean the fact that he turned

So let's pretend I didn't.

We'll just call it


Jake and Chelsea said...

that's an awesome post!! you make vermont look like there's a lot more going on here than there actually is. i am so glad you got to see it. it really is quite remarkable. so remarkable in fact that i may have to write a book full of remarks about vermont. you also failed to mention that we ate at the ben and jerry's scoop shop three nights in a row...was that a secret too? we'll just call it "four times to a week".

love you!! happy birthday dad!!

april said...

if you liked vermont, you must see maine; (maybe you already have?). "green" is definitely my favorite thing about the northeast and the northwest. i always feel home when i am surrounded by "green." (great kermie pic, lindsay, BTW.) and ih ave to second the fact that chelsea and jake are soaring.

a very, happy birthday to russ!!! (aren't you glad he's older than you?)

susan m hinckley said...

Well, now that I've been shamed into 'fessing up about the Ben and Jerry's thing, I may as well also reveal that a pint of Cherry Garcia has already appeared in the freezer since we returned home . . .

And yes, I am (as ever) glad Russ is older than I am -- that's the beautiful thing -- no matter how old I get, he still seems to be older.

Daryl said...

What I beautiful travelogue. I think I've been on that road in South Royalton. And you were a stones throw from the Textile Museum in Lowell, which sadly won't reopen until the 21st of June.
Congratulations to your husband on his eventful birthday, life just gets better and better after 50. And the print arrived safe and sound, it is hanging on the wall of my studio.

Allie said...

Very pretty - and happy birthday to Russ! I like that ten til sixty. Tell him 50 ain't so bad. Of course, I've only been at it a couple of months....

VO said...

Beautiful, love being an armchair traveler. So sweet to see your daughter in her habitat. (LOL, I love that word).

Tell your husband 50 is a breeze. And yes, I like that my husband is older than me too. bwhahahaha.

susan m hinckley said...

I'd love to pass all your kind birthday wishes on to Russ, but since I promised not to mention his birthday on my blog . . . Luckily for me, he only reads it about once per month (he claims it's not lack of interest, I think he probably just hears enough blabbing from me on a daily basis) -- but by the time he reads it, the sting of the birthday will be lessened somewhat by time and hopefully he'll forgive me mentioning it. Then I'll encourage him to click on the comments for all the nice wishes! So on his behalf, Thanks All!

Sara and Cory said...

haha...Happy Birthday, Crust!! :O)

luanne said...

sounds like you had a wonderful green getaway. and that little village looks so charming! thanks for the tour. but now i keep thinking about ben & jerry's...

Gary C said...

Happy birthday to Russ from someone who is only one away from 60 (in just under 3 weeks). Compared to that, 50 is a breeze. Tight lines.

whimseycreations said...

Ten till sixty! Good one. Hmmmm that means I'll be ten till seventy this year. Lordy that sounds old!!!!!!!!!!

judy coates perez said...

wow you were born in Lowell? My mom grew up in Tewksbury, my dad in Chelmsford and they both went to Lowell tech (my dad actually has a degree in textile engineering). My grandmother lived in lowell and we used to go there all the time when I was a kid, from Natick.

Vermont's so cool, one of my sisters lives in Brattleboro.

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