This is a test . . . this is only a test . . . if this had been an actual blog post, you would have been . . . more entertained?

Well I've learned an important truth in the past two weeks.

Let me back up by explaining that on the advice of Judy Perez, I added a stat counter to my blog some time ago. It was good advice! It provides me with all kinds of fascinating data, including but not limited to the path by which visitors arrived at my blog. (Studying it has also given me an invaluable way to waste additional time on the computer . . . )

The data mostly informs me that a whole bunch of people who look at my blog have no actual interest in it but are instead there because they googled some Electric Six lyrics or something like that.

Imagine their disappointment.

There are also legions of people (men?!) around the world who are interested in my vintage women's underwear ads, with one bra ad being of particular and enduring interest. This is a little creepy so I try not to think about it.

But the important truth that has been revealed recently by my stat counter is one that I feel it is my duty to share with anyone who has a blog and is yearning to be heard by the world:


Who knew?

I honestly can't tell you the number of people who have dropped in as a result of looking for Bob Barker images, but the number probably far outweighs those who have an interest in small embroidered wool pictures.

I wonder what pictures of . . . say . . .


would do
for me?

How about a goofy old ad in which they try to convince us that a girdle is so comfy it makes us want to dance?

I'll watch the stats and keep you posted.
But I'm betting on Bob.


Allie said...

LOL - you are a hoot!

Jake and Chelsea said...

that is hilarious!! and probably a little unnerving...

VO said...

Oh yeah, I used to have a different blog and I got a kajillion hits on "prom pictures". I finally took my kids prom pictures off there because I thought it was so creepy.

Now I get a lot of hits on "golytely" and "colonoscopy".

susan m hinckley said...

Tee hee, VO, and thanks for the heads-up to never use the word "colonoscopy" on my blog! But I have to admit I now feel a bit of a subversive compulsion to post as many old underwear ads as I can find. Or perhaps I should move to old laxative ads -- there are A TON of those, and since "colonoscopy" was so popular . . . just thinking out loud . . .

Amelia and Justin said...

Haha, that is hilarious. Slightly disturbing about the underwear ads though...

VO said...

Oh yeah, laxatives, underwear and colonoscopy will get you a whole new audience! And just think you can put them all in ONE post and get a poopload hits!

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