Take your seats! Take your seats!

It's Monday morning and we're all busy, so let's call this meeting to order and take care of the first item of business immediately.

I've invited a special guest to help us today:

It's America's Favorite Television
Game Show Host,

Guy Smiley!

Thanks for your entries in the
100th Post Blog Giveaway . . .

We wish we could give the prize to all 21 of you, but that wouldn't make it much of a game show, would it?

And now, let's bring out Vanna (or in this case, Hannah) with the Impartial Head of Justice!


The Impartial Head of Justice is a somewhat bizarre vase/cookie jar that, years ago, was the result of my first artist trade ever -- finally I've found a use for it!

All the names are inside. The shake-up . . .

The reach . . .

The grab . . .

And the winner is:


Daryl, come on down and claim your prize!
(actually, send me an email with your address
and we'll get it to you lickety-split.)

Daryl is also celebrating birthday month in May, and has requested the pink prize. You can check out her blog here.


Tune in at the end of the post, folks, for information
regarding this week's
Second Week of Birthday Month
Blog Giveaway!
(wild applause)

And now to the next item on today's agenda:

Wait -- That is the item.

What's next on the agenda?

Now that all my shows are over for awhile, I have a few things cooking in the studio. First is the new line of work,

Small Works' Conversation Pieces

top secret work being conducted in the Small Works Laboratories

which I am absolutely not going to show you today
nor am I going to give you any hints. Sorry.

But when they're ready, you'll be the first to know!

Also, a commission is underway that should be a lot of fun -- it's going to contain some of my old friends and probably a few new ones.

The idea for the piece is "Pull Up A Chair." We're all going to find out what it will look like and what it will say together. Excited? I'll introduce the participants as they materialize.

Also, Stay-at-Home-Mom #3 is now underway,
because can you really ever have too many

And now to the last item for discussion in today's meeting:

The Spectacular
Second Week of Birthday Month Blog Giveaway!

For this giveaway I'm doing something a bit different.

I have a friend whose family has a quirky Christmas tradition that I believe they fell into by accident. On Christmas Eve, they all gather at Grandma's house and they play "The Laundry Basket Game!" This game was invented the year Grandma had been cleaning out drawers and closets and put a lot of discards in a laundry basket, which she happened to pass around at the Christmas Eve gathering and required everyone to take something home from the basket.

Everyone got a prize, and Grandma got de-cluttered!
It is now a highly anticipated annual event.

So since Small Works could use a bit of de-cluttering as well, I'm putting together a special Laundry Basket (okay, package) of Bewildering Craft Bounty!

It will include wool from my stash, trims from my stash, buttons from my stash, stuff from my stash, Aunt-Lillie-ephemera from my stash, and all kinds of stash-related goodies (but not running shoes from my stash, although I also own a significant stash of those.)

Which, unfortunately, will hardly reduce my stash of stuff one bit (20 years in the business -- it's a big stash.)

Don't worry, I absolutely promise not to include the ever-present stash (read: giant wad) of threads and wool bits that lives on my desk.

But there will surely be some fun surprises for the lucky recipient!

All you need to do to enter is post a comment or send an email telling me your favorite color (so I can concoct a package just for you!) I'll leave the contest open until Saturday, and announce the winner at next Monday's meeting.

Now, it's almost the noon hour . . . so meeting adjourned.

Anybody want to go to lunch?


Daryl said...

Oh Thank you soooooo much! Wow, I rarely win anything, this is a treat and an early birthday present for me (only 11 more days till the big event!) Thanks for an entertaining blog, it is one of my favorites, your style, the images, your work, and your sense of humor keep me coming back for more!


Marjorie said...

Ooooh! Stash! Lovely, wonderful stash. Although I have an embarassingly large one already, hmmm, I can't say no to the possibility of more. That's easy. Favorite color is tougher. Is rainbow a color? I'm not terribly particular. I love blues, think green is the most useful color, but reds are so empowering and yellow so bright. And pink tulips are blooming now reminding me that pink is a cool color... I have noticed that lately I've been gravitating to the cooler end of the color wheel--blues, aquas, greens and some purples for spark. What a wonderful idea! Thanks.

Nancy said...

Now who can resist a word like "Stash"? it's one of those words that is like refreshment for your whole mouth to say. (You are trying it now, aren't you?)

I am letting a few choice people know that I am going to be in town this coming weekend for just a few days. Save a seat for me in relief society, I will need to sit by someone who can appreciate and recopricate the commentary in my head!

whimseycreations said...

Stash - oh goody! LOL Love stashes of just about anything creative. Color - well maybe aqua/purple/green or wait maybe orange/yellow/red - hmmmmmmm you choose! Jill

Amelia and Justin said...

A favorite color? I am having a red moment in my life right now - so I'd have to go with that.

Here's hoping! :)

lchedblom said...

well you've certainly packed a lot of food for comment in this post!

guy smiley, a blast from my stay-at-home momhood's endless-years-of-sesame-street past! i always loved how sesame street included sophisticated humor for the adult viewers.

next, i didn't know you accepted commissions. hmmmmmm... but first, i'm anxious to see stay at home mom #3.

and then there is your merciless hinting about your new Conversation Pieces... anxious to see what that's all about!

finally, though i rarely win drawings, i'll put in for your cool stash giveaway. i love almost all colorful colors, but my most favorite color is charteuse, in any & all incarnations.

enjoying your new blog year!--luanne

Melanie said...

I'm having a pink moment so I'll go with that. Congratulations to Daryl! Maybe if you listen closely you can hear my applause!!! Susan, this is to fun:) I have to agree I love to read your blog.

VO said...

Yay for Daryl!

I can't wait for Conversation Pieces. I mean, I can but I'm squirming in my seat.

And those blanks for the commission, what a good mission to be on!

Stash! Woooo hoooo.

Allie said...

Boy did that bring back memories! I have such fond ones of Guy Smiley and the rest of the gang. Congrats to Daryl! I can't wait to see what you're up to in the laboratory!
I think we're going to start our own version of the Laundry Basket game, how brilliant is that. Thanks for the inspiration!

debkolart said...

Can't wait to see your new work! And count me in on a chance for the stash treasure. RED!

Daryl said...

Ohhh, I want to play too! I love creating with "Bewildering Craft Bounty", it is my favorite way to create! I'll work with just about any color combination, but aqua/purple always gives me a jolt!

Daryl again...

abi said...

I am entering for the "aunt lillie ephemera" especially. as for color, i'm not picky - anything goes.

Lisa Cannon said...

I would like you to be impressed that I am actually posting a comment. I have a few minutes to kill before Mom and Dad arrive and I wanted to throw my hat in the ring for your stash. You can never have too many Aunt Lillie bits, can you? And I would love some scraps of your wonderful wool. The stuff you get at Joann's is not even second rate--it doesn't rate at all. So put me in the cookie jar and draw my name out!

susan m hinckley said...

Okay, there are 15 official contestants, so let's all hold hands for good luck and we'll see who the winner is Monday! Bon Chance!

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