I Love Friday, Yes It's True . . . I Love Friday, How About You?

Three Cheers for Friday!

What's not to like? In Susanland, Friday means:

1) No matter where I happen to be in the dieting spectrum, I get to eat whatever I want. This sometimes includes Froot Loops for breakfast. I hope you can still respect me.

I don't have to exercise (but if it's a beautiful Friday I may choose to do something fun like blading or biking -- this is entirely different because I choose to do it. My inner drill sergeant is not involved in the negotiations.)

3) I have a date. And it is likely to involve guacamole.

And this particular Friday, it's the First Friday of
Small Works' New Blog Year.

So that means it's time for . . . .

It also happens to be the Friday of my favorite Minnesota week, the week that my trees are in blossom.

It's sort of a traveling holiday, and this year it happened to fall on TODAY.

So much good fortune for one humble little Friday -- it boggles the mind.

Perhaps my favorite form of non-required Friday-type exercise is an early morning hike in southern Utah's Snow Canyon, which I'm delighted to report I was able to enjoy last week.

Snow Canyon has marvelous rock formations and petrified dunes.

Some places look just like someone ran an egg beater through some sandstone cake batter.

It's just one of the most spectacular places I know, and we have so many great memories of scampering around the rocks with our girls.

(We did see a snake this time, which was not my favorite. But this is not Friday not-favorites, so we won't dwell on it.)

And look what popped out of the fortune cookie this week:

It can only mean one thing, because I don't think anyone is going to offer to make me rich or famous over the weekend . . .

It must mean Mother's Day.

Which leads me to my third favorite on this lovely May Friday:

My girls, of course!

They're much older than this now, but I continue to be honored to be their mother.

Let it Go, 2007, 10.25 x 12.75, collection of Anne Leuck Feldhaus

There's nothing much more rewarding than watching your kiddies grow (although it's a little bittersweet to watch them go . . .)

And here's a last favorite that lives on the bulletin board above my desk (and has for many years now -- I can't bring myself to put these things away)

Thanks, Hannah!

A Big Mother's Day Hug to all of you!

(and especially my mother -- xo)

Pass it on.


Jake and Chelsea said...

that was just lovely. happy mother's day, mom!

susan m hinckley said...

Thanks, Chels! Wish you could have come along for the hike -- we missed you. And I will miss you at "Mother's Day Mexican Fiesta" which will be happening at the restaurant of my choice this weekend :D

VO said...

I love Mothers Day. I love Fridays too but Mothers day is the one that makes me oh, so thankful.

Thank goodness for Mothers day! And for stories about our mothers, being a mother and life birthing forth.

Allie said...

Happy Mother's Day, Susan! Your tree looks so pretty - mine is just past bloom here. Falling petals everywhere.
Sometimes I eat fruit loops for DINNER. *G*

susan m hinckley said...

Glad to hear there are fellow closet-froot-loop-devotees out there (personally I like the reduced sugar variety, because they seem to be filled with even more faux fruity goodness, not because of any virtuous concerns about over indulgence in sugar!)

susan m hinckley said...

VO, I'm with you on Mother's Day. I know a lot of women who don't like it much, and even some who are offended by it but I think motherhood (starting with birth but continuing on through life) is both miraculous and fascinating, one of the most amazing things that exists on this planet of ours. And it's perhaps the one thing every person in the world has in common -- we all had a mother.

annesart said...

I love my 'Let It Go' piece Susan, for me it's letting go of all the things I try to control in my life...happy belated mother's day!

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