Sure, it's better to give, but let's be honest . . . Receiving ain't half bad!

Remember when I said I hope I get something half as good as that embroidery book for my birthday?

Well, because I have a firm belief in always ensuring my own happiness in such areas, of course I got something at least half as good, and probably quite a bit better.

Some time ago I wrote a T.G.I.F.F.T. about my favorite book in the world, "The Magical Land of Noom" by Johnny Gruelle. My own particular copy has, for years, been the "velveteen rabbit" of books -- cover long lost, corners worn away, unidentified something growing between a few of the pages.

I have looked for years for a copy that was the same 1922 edition as mine, and -- at last! -- I found one from a bookseller in England, and ordered it a month or so ago as a birthday present (to me from me).

I didn't let myself look at it when it arrived, hiding it away under my bed until my birthday.

And what a splendid reunion with the red cover that I only vaguely, but so fondly, remembered! If I hadn't received one other thing for my birthday, that would have been enough . . . .

but I did receive other things
(that I didn't buy for myself)
as well, of course.

I am delighted to report that I did not receive a toaster from my husband, nor would I have looked as dreamy as she does if he had presented me with one, no matter what pains he had taken with the wrapping . . .

One sort of sad/funny gift was from Russ -- a year ago he traveled to Korea on business, and brought me a ring that I was absolutely CRAZY about -- beautiful, delicate silver cut-work with a splendid matte finish which, unfortunately couldn't be sized without being ruined and even more unfortunately was too small.

But too big for my pinky -- it flew off and landed in someone's salad the one time I tried to wear it. So it has lived in my drawer, where I take it out and look at it . . . and sigh . . . regularly.

Since he was traveling to Korea right before my birthday again this year, he oh-so-carefully checked my ring size so that there would be no chance of a mishap and set off in search of a similar ring.

And he found one! With a matching ring for himself!

Just lovely . . . and unfortunately, too big. But too small for any of my other fingers.

Rats and Double Rats.

Oh well, now I have a beautiful almost-matched set that lives in my drawer. And we had a good laugh, which is worth a lot.

I also received some thoughtful gifts from my girls (in the entertainment and art-making departments), a fantastically funky new pair of eyeglasses, and a little mad money which I have already dispatched on ETSY.

Oh yes . . .

then of course there was that splendid hand-made gift that you will see in an entire post of its own . . . if you tune in next time!

Still time to enter the say-goodbye-to-May giveaway! Just choose a bracelet from the previous post and let me know which you'd like and you'll be entered.

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Allie said...

*squeal* I'm so glad you found your favorite book! That'll make your day for sure!!! I'm so sorry about the ring....You could always put them on a chain and wear them around your neck!

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