What do you get when you add F.T.T. to T.G.I.F.F.T? A headache?

When I was choosing the illustration for the stock market slippery-slide we've been racing down (previous post), I ended up using one from my new stash of "Science and Mechanics" covers, to keep things nice and uniform.

But the first illustration I thought of using was a different one, and because I held it back I have the pleasure of using it today to introduce:

T.G.I.F.F.T. on F.T.T!
(Thank Goodness it's Friday Favorites Time!
On Friday the Thirteenth!)

As you can see, it would have been a good stock market illustration, complete with a perfect caption:

"Down, down the slide raft sped until it was going so fast that its occupants could not talk."

I admit we've been speechless the last few times we've checked our 401k reports.

But even though it's Friday the 13th, Small Works will not indulge in gloomy thoughts.

And don't worry -- I'm not going to share 13 of my favorites with you!

Instead, I'm going to share my #1 favorite book of all time, and my #3 favorite piece.

If you can identify the book by the illustration I showed you, (and you are not one of my children), you truly deserve a prize much better than a gold star. In fact, call me because we must become best friends immediately!

Because my #1 favorite book of all time is little known, to be sure:

Who can resist a book with both Sundry and Mondry illustrations?

Unfortunately, my copy of the book has given its all and been loved until its cover has fallen off and its corners are blunted. It first belonged to my mother when she was young. Then one magical day she came across it and gave it to me. And in my enthusiasm I loaned it to many of my friends, who unfortunately loved it as well but not with the same preservation ethic that I possessed toward books.

(okay, I probably did my share of the damage . . . but how could I know that it would turn out to be my favorite book of all time and should be revered as such?)

I know that #1 Favorite Book of All Time is a heady title to bestow, but I don't even have to hesitate because
it just is.

the end papers had story maps -- only one survives

Part of what I love is the illustrations, to be sure. And the way Johnny Gruelle's personality shines through (if you're a fan of the Raggedy Ann books, you know what I mean).

And let's not forget the story. I'm not a fantasy junkie, but this one is just so charming and so overlooked I find it irresistible to this day. I recently learned that J.G. had an enormous interest in science and space travel, and perhaps that's why in this book
he just seems to have
so much fun.

My daughters love it as well. Even though I wasn't really ready for my Chelsea to get married, when her almost-fiance tracked down a copy and surprised her with it at Christmas, I got on the "get-this-boy-in-the-family" bandwagon immediately!

Here are a few favorite illustrations --

the story is about a boy and girl who build a flying machine and fly away to the moon

there are black-and-whites peppering many of the pages,

as well as full-page color plates that are so perfectly 1920's I could just eat them up!

And now to my #3 favorite piece . . .

which goes along so brilliantly with those illustrations, I'm quite tickled.

I've always felt this piece had a bit of a 1920's vibe:

Modern Dance, approx. 4" x 6.5", 2004, Collection of K. Berryman

partly because of the colors, partly because the text "modern dance" came from a 1920's periodical, partly because of the feathery-looking trim on her costume.

Occasionally I'm just really happy with the way a piece comes together, and this is one of those. My oldest daughter laughed when she saw it, however, because she said the character looked like a breast with a nipple on top of her head.

Can I help it if not everyone resonates with the teapot dance? (Funny, because it was her own 3-year-old ballet class performance that inspired me to make it.)

Oh well . . . *sigh . . . two lovely bits of
favorite-whimsy in delightfully soft and delicious 1920's colors to brighten up a March afternoon and lighten up a Friday the 13th.

I think I'll celebrate F.T.T. further by making some of my
favorite chocolate chip cookies.

And eating 13 of them.

. . . er . . . 3 . . . Of course I meant 3.


Anonymous said...

well since you're only going to eat 3 cookies, could you please send me the other 10 ASAP?

interesting that you have such a clear choice for your favorite book of all time. that's a question i can't easily answer, but you've got me thinking on it now.


april said...

you're right, don't know about this book. although we do have old copies of raggedy ann and andy stories that grace has enjoyed. another book to add to the list.

thanks for your response in the last comments. i kind of figured you had considered that option and hoped i wasn't suggesting that you prostitute yourself or anything - which in actuality i probably was. anyhoo, it was still nice to understand your reasoning and learn more about your business. self-employed always seems like such a scary arena to me - so much to think about. you do seem to handle it with ingenuity and thought. i look forward to see what your next moves are. i'm sure popular mechanics and that science magazine are giving lots of ideas.

Jake and Chelsea said...

it is a wonderful book, just plain wonderful. and i couldn't help but cry when i got that, AND beautiful swarovski crystal earring in one Christmas.

i got a good one, i'll admit it.

VO said...

Sigh. I love the illustrations and I'm a big fantasy/sci-fi book reader, first fantasy book I ever read was Lion Witch and the Wardrobe when I was in 2nd grade. I want to hold your book in my hand and smell that old book smell. LOL. I am very, very picky about my books...but well loved books hold a special place in my heart.

And I do love your teapot piece, the little song goes so well with the era too.

Ya know, both of them have a bit of Oz to them as well.

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