Who knows why Susan is a day late with the results of this week's blog giveaway?

Is it because she was goofing off, as usual??!!!

I know!
I know!

She was
too busy
eating cake
to turn on
the computer
over the

Wait a minute -- we may be jumping to conclusions. She could be just plain lazy. And anyway, a little goofing off isn't always a bad thing!

Whatever the reason, we're obviously going to start the week by giving her a demerit badge, which she will be expected to sew on her vest in a prominent location.

What if she was
busy pretending
she was in
New Mexico

Should we
string her up
for that?

Nobody should ever be punished for eating Mexican Food or Birthday Cake!

Can't we just do the blog giveaway drawing for her?


And we can help!

Let me just get off my horse and put this saddle away . . . then I'll slip off my boot and we can put the names inside . . .

Is that The Fabulous Cowboy Boot
of Birthday Fun and Fortune?

Are all the names really in there?

Yup -- all 15 names --

(they're getting a little sweaty but we're going to pick fast to keep the ink from running . . .)

It's Whimsey Creations!

Jill, send me an email with your address and we'll Pony Express your blue puppy prize to you faster than you can say Birthday Bonanza!

And now, kids, the birthday may be over but the Hoe-down continues:

It's time for the

All you have to do is post a comment or send me an email by Saturday telling me which bracelet you'd like -- all are hand-stitched wool (of course) with sterling silver findings and leather backing:

# 1 -- Woof

#2 -- Yeehaw!

#3 -- Circles

#4 -- Grow

Thanks again
for coming to my party. . .

I look forward to sending one of you home
with something really sweet in your treat bag!


Jessie said...

I never win anything, so could you just send me one anyway??? Or rig the system so that I do win? Any one would be lovely.

Crazy for Art said...

Oh, I love, love, love. the dog cuff! But I think all your stuff is great.

Allie said...

Where in the world do you find these pictures that go so well with your writing???? That "unprepared" one caught me off guard and now my keyboard is sticky with coffee. Sheesh.
Those bracelets are darling - but I love the grow one best! Too sweet, and at this point in my life, it says it ALL. Thanks for the giggles and grins, Susan!

debkolart said...

Susan, the suspense was just about unbearable for the winner of last weeks prize! I almost had to skip to the end. But alas, it wasn't me...I will try this one last time...I love those bracelets, especially "woof".

VO said...

One shouldn't get strung up for not posting when it was a holiday! Especially during a birthday month!

And when you keep me on my toes throughout the entire post, that there is worth allowing someone else to get the demerit badge (although that badge is awfully cute).

I'm partial to the puppy!

Cami said...

Hope your actual Birthday was fabulous and full of things and people you love. The bracelets are all AWESOME. I am partial to the dog and grow, but playing the odds, put my name in the one with the least amount of entries :-) Let's go for the circles. Thanks for sharing great stuff and providing me with a smile at the end of a long, sad, historical day of inequality in CA. I needed something to smile about. Your blog lifts my spirit and for that I am grateful.

P.S. Actually got Ms. Monkey hung back on the wall over the weekend. She is happy to be back, but already gloating about her fame.

abi said...

Wow, these are awesome. I think either the Yeehaw or Circles for me if I should be so lucky. My verification word today is appropriately: fansista

Lisa Cannon said...

OK, I do want one of your fabulous bracelets (circles or yeehaw--no dogs please). While I do own 2 fabulous Susan Hinckley bracelets, 3 would make it an official collection, right? I hope you had a great birthday and will come to visit me soon!

Mandi said...

Susan - Oh my goodness! I can hardly believe you are giving away a Susan's-hands-made bracelet. I also can hardly choose my favorite. I guess I'll go with the circles. Thanks for your astonishing generosity with these giveaways. Thanks, too, for being born. You have much enriched my life. - Mandi

luanne said...

love that demerit badge! do those come in a series? i can think of quite a few others i may qualify for...

and now i know why i haven't won a giveaway before, because i really want to win this week! the hardest part is choosing, but after much agonizing i think "grow" is my #1.

so i'm keeping fingers, toes & eyes crossed until you announce the winner. you're a very generous birthday celebrator!

Daryl said...

"Grow is my #1 too!" Those four little letters inspire and encourage so much! Happy birthday Susan! It is a great month for birthdays!


Sara and Cory said...

LOVE the bracelets!! I think my favorite is the circles, with "grow" a close second. Hope you had a wonderful birthday. :O)

Amelia and Justin said...

I have to pick just one??!! I guess Grow would be #1 with YEEHAW and the Circles tied for 2nd.

*crossing my fingers* I hope I win!!

susan m hinckley said...

All righty -- 14 entries for the last giveaway (smallest yet so you have an extra-good chance!) I'll be announcing the winner on Tuesday morning! Bon chance!

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