Reality check.

It's really hot in Phoenix.

I knew this of course, not a revelation...after all, I have visited Phoenix many times in the summer and exclaimed "It's really hot here!" at least once per hour for the duration of my visit.


Until last week, I had never visited Phoenix with the intention of living there myself.  Interesting how just the slightest little shift in perspective changes everything.

Perspective is worth 80 IQ points.

-- Alan Kay

So when my husband sent me a text this morning saying:

"it's 114 degrees today, Darling -- 
hurry and sell the house 
so you can come and live with me in hell..."

I had to laugh, but I also had to look out the window and sort of appreciate the "for sale" sign on my lawn, swinging gently in the breeze of an 80 degree blue Minnesota sky under a green canopy of leaves shading an even greener lawn...

Life ain't half bad.


Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

The mid-70s here in Nor Cal are the best temps ever anywhere !~!

Leenie said...

If you get too comfortable just open up a few of those posts about Minnesota winter. Remember...horizontal snow, temps hovering near zero, vehicles stuck up to their hubcaps in drifts, ice so thick on the windshields that it takes a hammer to clear, feet frozen solid and the kicker---maybe an hour or two of dim daylight IF your lucky.

Then think about January in AZ.

luanne said...

Summer in Phoenix is the reverse extreme of winter elsewhere -- except instead of putting on yet another fleece layer, you de-layer into a bathing suit and jump into the nearest pool, ideally in your own backyard!

Having endured 50+ years of winter gloom and sub-zero wind chills, give me 114 any day. But okay, not every day...

Even the Valley of the Sun isn't quite perfect!

Judy said...

Great text. He tells it like it is. We hit 111 today. We feel his pain.

Allie said...

LOL - your hubby is funny!! No way could you get me to move there, but you'll love it come January.

susan m hinckley said...

Nice bits of perspective...thanks, y'all!

And it's an open invitation in January. We will call it the "Small Works Guest Wing" and you can drop in anytime. With a suitcase.

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