Yeah, I know....right?

I'll admit it -- it's been a bit of a rough patch.  My apologies to all!  If you think my blog is boring, you should take a peek at my life!

Being an artist is infinitely more fun than being a property manager.  Or a cleaning lady.  I admit it.  In fact, it's probably been good for me to dabble in these alternative careers just to appreciate the joy of being able to putz around a studio with a work table so messy you're not even sure you can recall its original color.

But I've learned my lesson! 

I'll never take my messy studio for granted again!  I promise! No complaining about show deadlines, or sore fingers, or uncooperative stitches, or a dearth of good ideas, or the economy, or...ANYTHING!

What, you don't believe me?! 
I'm hurt. Truly.

Just stay tuned....
People can change. 

(at least I want to believe they can....I've heard it both ways of course --  some think they can, some think they can't, but I think we should give people, and in this case specifically me, the benefit of the doubt and assume that, given the opportunity to become better it could happen....couldn't it?)


Allie said...

ROFL - yes it can happen - maybe!

Pam said...

Oh yes - I'll stay tuned. You've got me intruiged.

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