The view from St. George.

It's good to come home every now and then,
if only to be reminded where you come from.  For my continual stream of candy, cookies and cupcakes, for instance, I can place blame squarely on my mother.  The 32 oz. soft drink for breakfast comes from my father.  
(Hopefully I inherited a few of their good qualities, too!)

Anyway, it's a trip 
to bizarre-o-world . . .

when you find yourself suddenly strapped into the back seat of your parents' car again.  You feel a strange combination of really old, and still hovering around 10 or so.

"Quilting Mom", by 10-year-old Hannah

At least there's plenty of natural beauty here to bask in 
while I'm trying to make sense of it all and get my bearings.  

 upside down in St. George

About the time I master that, I'll be back to being the mother again in Minnesota, driving my own children crazy with my endearing quirks and reminding them where they came from . . .

I was a wonderful parent before I had children. 
I was an expert on why everyone else 
was having problems with theirs. 
Then I had three of my own.

-- Adele Faber

Hope you're enjoying my vacation too!
Happy Thursday!




Gary C said...

It will be good to get together for Thanksgiving. There sure will be a lot of us there trying to decide where to eat.

Leenie said...

Ir's so odd how you still feel like you're ten or sixteen when you get back with your parents. The tough part is becoming the parent when they revert.

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