These boots are made for walkin....


I'm afraid I've been voted off the island.   
By my family . . .

But it's kind of hard to feel bad about.  If I were voted off the island on Survivor, I think I'd say something like "Oh yeah?!  Well I'm going to be eating a cheeseburger in a whirlpool tub tonight!" as I left.  In fact, I'd probably pay them a million dollars to let me go home.

I feel a little that way now, actually.

November is the grayest month in Minnesota, statistically speaking.  (And it's a bit gray in my personal psyche, truth be told.)  The loss of light somehow deals me a blow that is hard to recover from.  Of course, by the time the holidays roll around, I'm as full of good cheer as the next guy.  But the adjustment can be tough.  So someone had the idea (was it me? was it them?) that perhaps I'd be happier going to the desert for the month of November and sitting in the sunshine.

There wasn't a whole lot of arm twisting involved....on either side, actually, which I guess should offend me a little, but....I'll recover from the sting.

I suspect I may discover that leaving Minnesota in November
is what all the smart people do. . . 

The Wise Men, who, incidentally, were also following light. 
This is what I've been working on this week, part of an ongoing Christmas collaboration.  
Eventually it will become fabric and join the Nativity I did this summer.

(And the really smart ones probably look hard at a destination for February, as well.)

The only downside is that November needs to be a big work month for me, with Baltimore looming in just 3 months (yes, I'm going to Baltimore!) So there's a bit of packing that needs to take place.  I'm wondering if I'll even get started working before I figure out everything I've forgotten that makes it so I can't do what I need to?

Oh well, if that happens, I'll just strap on my roller blades and blow off some steam, or maybe eat a little fine Mexican food to soften the disappointment.  (And then get creative about working without all my usual supplies, of course.)

The good news is, you're all invited!  So I hope you'll enjoy a little sun with me once I get there....which is going to take a few days.  Small Works will return a week from today (November 4 already?! EEEK!), full of sunshiny goodness and all the beauty that is St. George in November.

Bring your blades!  We're going to put them to good use!  (and a few art supplies, please, because I have a feeling I'm going to forget something.....)

Now I've got to get busy packing, 
and pretend to feel really really sad about leaving.....

Happy Weekend!



Leenie said...

My oh my, you know how to beat gray weather. St. George--the celestial waiting room (hehe). Have a GREAT time on those roller skates and for pete's sake don't mess up those hands and elbows!!! Looking forward to seeing what you create for Baltimore.

I totally agree with you about November. It should be banned from the calendar--replaced with TWO Septembers.

VO said...

Ohhhh have fun soaking up sunshine and storing it so you can pull it out in the middle of winter.

Allie said...

Oh you lucky lucky LUCKY girl!!! Is November really the greyest? I thought for sure it would be February. Soak up all the sun you can, and if you forget supplies, have the family mail them to you! I know exactly how desperate it feels to be stuck in a grey nightmare when your soul longs for sunshine, so I'm very, very glad you're going!

And Susan...your wise men are beyond wonderful...you are so amazing!

luanne said...

How far is it from St George to Phoenix? For a minute there, I hoped you were heading down my way... guacamole lunch in the middle?

And I can truly sympathize with you, as this week I went to PA to visit my mother & it was constant grayness/rain there. (Growing up in Pittsburgh, I knew no differently.) Then moved on down here to northern VA this weekend to see my boys, with more gray rain, followed by SNOW flurries most of today! And it's still only October. What the heck?

Once upon a time, such gloom was normal, but I've been spoiled by our recent years in PHX.

Hope your stay in sunny Utah will bring much joy & productivity. Next time, how about an AZ detour?

Amelia Poll said...

Unlike Luanne, I'm glad you aren't going to PHX, because then I'd be insanely jealous instead of just plain jealous. I am still jealous, though, and hope you are having a lot of fun with Gr. & Gr. ;)

I'm oh so excited for Baltimore. Boston will be a walking (let's be honest, running) machine by that time. Don't worry, we'll bring a leash ;o)

Also, my wv is gesso... One of the art supplies you needed to bring, perhaps? :)

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