Welcome Wednesday.

As you can imagine, 
there's been a lot of celebrating 
going on around here for the past 24 hours.


But as glad as I am to have been released from cast-hell, 
I am not entirely ungrateful for some aspects of the experience.

I'm referring to definitions two and three, of course -- we've already established that I don't draw well enough to have any grasp of definition one.  (And sadly, having a cast did not really help with that.)

It seems that sometimes getting a 
sudden magnification 
of one small aspect of life . . .

can help bring the rest into focus a little better.

Today I am genuinely happy because:

I have on pants with both a zipper and a button. 

I was able to push the garage door opener while simultaneously holding a case of diet coke.

I took a shower, including (but not limited to) washing my hair with both hands.

Short list, but it's enough.  
Not most days, mind you, but today.  

Which represents 
a welcome and 
appropriate adjustment 
to my perspective.



Leenie said...

Congrats on being released. Doing with out something we take for granted always seems to have a way of putting things into perspective.

Allie said...

So glad you're flying with both wings now, Susan!!!

Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Good news, Susan. I thought of you this evening when I stood looking at my print of Contentment that you so generously gave away (to thankful me); great to be released from cast-purgatory. Nothing like a full shower to open one’s view of plenty

VO said...

Oooh, yikes! See what happens when I leave for a long time? I come back to see you've had surgery, was in a cast and are now healed!

Didn't you just hate that cast? I hated mine when I had elbow surgery. There were a lot of things I had to do differently (I'm right handed and it was my right elbow). Sure is a lesson in patience isn't it?

Glad you're using both hands/arms now. What freedom! And I'm really glad I'm back to reading my favorite blog.

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