Magpie Fri.



for whatever reason --
luck, loneliness, laziness, love,
little stuff she said
simplicity, sex, sameness, secrets
shared time
toughness, ties, togetherness, trying
twin hearts
happiness, home, humor, hopefulness
having family
fear, fun, frailty, friends
faults overlooked
obstacles, orneriness, only one, others
or all of the above --

they were still together

-- smh

This poem is a Magpie Tale.  Head over now for more Friday fun from this vintage photo prompt!  (And while you're there, feel free to leave a little of yourself...)

Happy Weekend!




Leenie said...

you forgot
* all of the above

great words!

Allie said...

Another great magpie tale, Susan - love this one so much!

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