In the (St.) Nick of time.

I've worked to deadlines for years. 

My life in the magazine business went like this:

"Susan, we need an enormous papier mache pumpkin for a centerpiece.  The photo shoot is day after tomorrow.  Can you have it in New York by 5:00 tomorrow?"

Meanwhile, I'm thinking, "It will take AT LEAST 24 hours for a giant paper mache pumpkin to dry . . . what are you people smoking?"

But before I can process the assignment and voice my concerns, they've hung up and are busy dreaming up the next impossible task. 

And I've never missed a deadline yet.

But this one came awfully close!
I was actually afraid that Christmas in July was going to spill into August.

However, I'm pleased to announce that my Nativity project is finished (and I managed my usual bad snapshot!  Hooray!)

Christmas in July nightmare (working title), Susan M. Hinckley, 2011

Just in time to be plopped in a box and delivered . . . 
so I can leave on vacation tomorrow! 

After I do a few million other things that have been neglected
because I've been working like a demented elf.

Hope you're all enjoying the last precious threads of July and not giving a thought in the world to Christmas. I've done enough thinking about that for all of us!

Small Works will return August 10, 
relaxed and simply brimming
with post-vacation good cheer . . .

See you then! 


Judy said...

Spectacular. I love it!

Leenie said...

Yay for making the deadline with a beautiful piece. Now go and ENJOY the vacation time.

Anonymous said...

Only you would have baby Jesus gazing at a chicken. Love it! You did a fantastic job, the facial expressions are perfect & all the little Susan-details are so meticulously done. Love the almost-invisible hand too.

Hope you have a wonderful vacation! Safe travels...

susan m hinckley said...

Thanks, all -- yes, Hannah was not surprised that the only animal that made it to the manger was a polka-dot chicken . . . I guess I gotta be me. So be careful when you commission me to do something for you. See you all soon! xo

Allie said...

Typical Susan brilliance - I love it! [Both the piece and the post!] It's just not Christmas without a polka-dot chicken....

Pam said...

Well done you!! That piece is wonderful!

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