Greetings from I-70!

Or make that, "Neverending I-70" . . . because the drive home seemed to keep getting longer as we went, taking us about 31 hours instead of the scheduled 25.

And 25 would have been long enough.

But I got to see some of my favorite things:

My lovely childhood home, which appears to be aging more slowly than I am 
(unfortunately, I did not manage to get any ice from the ice maker)

 My beloved Utah desert -- okay, the drive wasn't that bad . . .

. . . and also a whole lot of my favorite people.

It was actually an amazing 
and wonderful trip. 

It may interest you to know that:


1)  I stayed in a hotel by myself for the first time.  Ever. (true, and perhaps sad . . . but FUN!)

2) You can eat french toast with whipped cream AND bread pudding AND pasta in the same day and chase it with a sugar cookie (or 2) with no ill effects.  Provided you brought the right pants.

3) If you get to the art gallery 4 hours after they close, you aren't getting in.  Even if you are the artist whose name is on the wall. So avoid 85-mile-long traffic jams.

4) Rollerblading in Manti, Utah, is ill-advised and should not be attempted without soft grass nearby.

Just a few helpful tips for next time, or for any of you that are lucky enough to still be anticipating your summer vacation.

Also, my cactus-head lady appears to have 
perhaps been adopted!  She'll be missed.
I just hope her new family understands her . . .

I was pleased (shocked!)  that I was able to keep up with my drawings, even in the car.  More amazing is the fact that without glasses I draw exactly as well as with them.  Or maybe that was depressing.  I get amazing and depressing confused sometimes.

Anyway, it's wonderful to be back now that the laundry is done, and only one pot of flowers has died, which makes it doubly wonderful.  The fact that I can smell fall in the air explains the need for an enormous order of fajitas for lunch, because one should not be forced to confront autumn and return to a post-vacation diet in the same day.  I think we can all agree on that?

Now that vacation is over, next up is . . . 

  . . . surgery 

That's right, kids!  Friday fun, fun, fun!  I'm going to have a little construction done on my left -- LEFT!! -- arm (which is quite useful to me and with which I hope they will be careful!)

For you, this mainly means that my drawings will be done with my right hand for a few days, AND IF YOU CANNOT TELL ANY DIFFERENCE, PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE A COMMENT TO THAT EFFECT. 

I expressed some concern at my pre-op physical about allowing an orthopaedic guy to cut around the nerves in my precious left hand, and my physician merely said that I should be glad an orthopaedic guy was not going to be cutting around the nerves in my neck.  Which offered some perspective, I guess.  So I feel better about things.

Small Works will return just as soon as I wake up and can type again . . . which will be before you know it.  Because I'm about to get VERY GOOD at doing things with my right hand.  We'll hardly notice any difference at all . . . just you wait and see.

See you soon!  



Allie said...

That's a lot of driving!! But such beautiful scenery [unless it's dark, then it's just boring]. Welcome home! I find it hard to believe you've never stayed in a hotel alone before - wow!
Congrats on your cactus head lady going to a new home, but wahhhh I love her so much, I don't know how you could part with her! I'll be saying some prayers for your surgery - I hope it all goes well!

I can taste autumn in the air tonight and I DON'T LIKE IT.

Leenie said...

Oh MY! So much to comment on. I really missed you and you were SO close. You're right, any highway with a big I in front of it's name has a way of becoming looooonger the longer you drive on it.

Fun to find out eating all the sugar you want in one day won't kill you--at least THAT day; that staying alone in a hotel has a lot of perks; that your childhood home is aging well.

Best wishes on a quick recovery from that surgery. And when you can type again I want to hear the rest of the story of rollerblading in Manti. (you weren't at that big Braithwaite reunion were you??)

luanne said...

Looks like a scenic trip! But NO THANKS on the 85-mile-long traffic jam... so then you didn't get to visit with your Small Works fledglings after all?

Your childhood home sure is pretty -- were you tempted to knock and ask for a cup of ice?

Good luck with your surgery tomorrow. Hope you have a very speedy and very pampered recuperation. I'll keep a good thought for you that you'll be stitching again in no time!

Moonsilk Stitches said...

Thanks for sharing your vacation with those of us staying close to home this year. Best wishes for a quick recovery from your surgery. and thanks for the sweet birthday message yesterday!

susan m hinckley said...

Allie -- I'm with you! Just say no to autumn.

Leenie -- Hinckley reunion in Manti, actually, including a side trip to Cove Fort because that's the genesis of all Utah Hinckleys. As for the rollerblading incident, we'll just keep that a secret between me and everyone who was on Hwy. 89 at the time

LuAnne -- Got to press my face up against the glass and wave to them, but that was all. It's okay -- we know each other well. And I was sorely tempted to ask for ice (perhaps if I went there post-surgery in a sling they'd take pity on me?)

Marjorie -- Hope you enjoyed a wonderful birthday!

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