Monday means crossing my fingers . . .

I shipped off a large chunk of work 
to Denver on Friday, and it was bittersweet.

I haven't really made any attempt to sell my Small Works through galleries, mostly because I can't produce enough pieces to support that in addition to shows.  But because my trusty booth-hand is operating with limited availability for the near future, I decided to give it a try.

It was pretty hard watching so many pieces go out the door!  A whole lot of potential liability driving away in that Fedex truck. And I hated the thought of my children traveling unchaperoned.

For one thing, I like selling at shows because it gives me the opportunity to interview prospective families.  (I can recognize a fiber-friendly face almost immediately!)

And if I miss the interaction between the viewer and the work, 
I miss most of why I create the work in the first place. 

Times being what they are, however, it was necessary to cut some of those apron strings and let the children fledge.  Some will surely come back, but at least they will have seen and been seen and we'll both gain a little something from the experience.

As you know, sometimes I don't get a chance 
to have good slides taken . . .
before waving goodbye to my work.  I hate it when that happens.  That's why I was doubly delighted to have had the opportunity recently to correct a previous mistake and have my complete group of Sky Songs photographed.

They've been living in a closet, having only seen the light of day twice since I created them.  There's been some interest from a few commercial clients, but I've been secretly glad they haven't flown off because I really wanted to get a lasting record before that happened.  So when the images showed up for approval on Saturday, I figured it would be a perfect day for us all to get re-acquainted.

They're quite different from my main body of work and therefore don't always play well with the others in the booth (that's why they haven't traveled to shows).  But they get along with each other splendidly.

Okay, NOW they're ready to leave the nest. 

And to my other little fledglings out there in shipping-land, FLY SAFELY!  
And take good notes -- I'm going to want to know all about your adventures.

Happy Monday!



Leenie said...

Oh, best wishes for a kind trip for your fledglings. It's tough to see them go; especially, as you said, when you don't get a chance to meet the new owners and say a proper goodbye.

Your sky songs are wonderful. What a set of treasures. I hope they find a home with someone who appreciates, at least a little, what they are.

Allie said...

Scary to send your children off without you - I would feel the same way, Susan! I am SO GLAD you got your Sky Songs professionally photo'd - oh my gosh they are so amazing, I love them so much. I don't know how you can ever let ANY of your work go.

luanne said...

Ditto the above -- don't know how you can part with your pieces!...
Even though that is the intent, I guess. Hope they all find lovely new homes... maybe they'll send you postcards?

The Sky Songs are indeed photogenic! Wish I could have a wall full of them, they look so great all together.

Pam said...

Delightful! Safe flight sweet fledglings!

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