Father's Day.

My Dad has had a lot of 
important titles over the years:

Leader of the Band

Quilter-in-Residence (what?!)

Doter-on-in-Chief  (her and her dog)

Groovy 60's Businessman & Mad Entrepreneur

Driver of Big Cars

Best Date to the Dance

Chef Extraordinaire

Generous Patron of the Arts

Keen Observer of the World

Guy Responsible for the Whole Darn Mess

. . . and no matter what job he's doing, 
he seems to be just about as good at it as anyone could be.

Happy Father's Day, Dad.
We think you're swell!

(I'd give you a raise if I could.)


Allie said...

LOL - guy responsible for the whole darn mess - classic! Happy Father's Day to your wonderful dad!

Amelia Poll said...

Yup, your dad is pretty amazing! :)

Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

What a lovely and lasting tribute to the man who made you the woman you are today--and a jolly good job of it, he did, Susan.

The Love oozes from your post with delightful abandon.

Leenie said...

I can see where you get your good looks and sense of humor. You have an outstanding dad. Best wishes to you and that groovy businessman, chef and Best Date.

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