Magpie Monday





Target Practice

your words make it hard
to see you, so deep
a cloud, dense
with verbs and nouns
darts and parts
of speech, thick like wind
pointed as glass shards
but maybe just a shell
defending soft places
they sail, they shoot
they drift out, a murmur
a whisper of far away
thoughts, mere hints of what
you mean for me to hear



This poem is a Magpie Tale.  
For more Magpie Monday fun, 
click on over and spend some time . . . 
or better yet, write your own 
and throw it into the mix.

Happy Monday!




Jingle said...

your words are full of texture.
love your entry.

Leenie said...

Susan, queen of textiles and master of poetry I salute you. Your magpie tale says volumes in such a few small parts of speech.

RE: Drawing Conclusions--keep up the good work! I'm thoroughly impressed. Now I'm going off to look for a big, fat, sugary hunk of self pity. Then I'll beat myself with a carrot. It's softer than a stick.

susan m hinckley said...

Leenie, you never fail to make me smile. If I have a choice, I'll pick the donut every time. But I really deserve the stick.

Allie said...

WONDERFUL magpie - you draw with words too, Susan! I'm enjoying your drawing exercises btw, and thrilled to see each new one, totally impressed with your talent!

Leenie said...

Cooper leaving slime on floors? I would think he has more class than than that. I seem to remember he is an idiosyncratic dresser and chocolate besides. Not only that, he and I must be related. Cooper is my maiden name.

120 Socks said...

Very rich, and as Jingle says, textured. Really enjoyed it, and I think first time to visit - love the look of your site. Are u on twitter - leave me a comment on blog and maybe we could link up.

Anonymous said...

I agree whole-heartedly with 120 Socks beautiful poem

Helen said...

You have a beautiful way with words ....

luanne said...

Agree with Allie, you do draw images with your skillfully chosen words. Somehow always just exactly enough. Beautiful!

jen revved said...

lovely-- an honest and imagistic poem. xxxj

jabblog said...

Words can build a wall against intimacy sometimes. Great poem:-)

HyperCRYPTICal said...

Love this - we all cloak ourselves in words at times, thinking we give so much of ourselves away, but in essence giving nothing, no clues. Bravo!

Anna :o]

C.M. Jackson said...

unique take on the prompt and so true--great magpie!

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