It's Shocking! Hold on to Your Hats!


Have you heard the gossip?

No . . . what?

Word has it that Susan is . . . wait for it . . .

Susan thinking domestic thoughts?  
 It can't be true.  

Has the world gone mad?!!

Oh yes, it's true -- 
and it goes beyond scrubbing the floors.  

We hear that she even put away THE PILE!


No. Way.

Not the "ten year" pile?



Something must be up . . . 

houseguests, perhaps?

Yes, it's true -- 

I AM cleaning,
and buying real groceries --

and I did attack the 10 year pile 
rather than just dusting around it again!

So thanks for coming, company . . . 

(Actually, the whole family thanks you.)

Oh, blessed guests who came to stay,
You helped to brighten up our day!
For Mom at last has cleaned the floors
(plus fifty other dirty chores!)
And we can't offer thanks enough
For making her sort through that stuff . . .
We're wondering if you can stay
To motivate her every day?
(If we can strike some kind of deal,
Perhaps she'll even cook a MEAL!)

(don't get your hopes up, kiddies.)

Happy Friday . . . 

and now that my chores are done, 
the party's at MY HOUSE!

1 comment:

Leenie said...

Something must be in the air. Button of "Button's Thoughts" purged her closet and sent six large trash bags of clothes to the thrift store. You've attacked the 10 year pile and I'm stripping ...the nasty old wax I had to put on my "no wax floor."

The thought of house guests can do that to you. I really, really liked the poem. Hope your house guest bring lots of fun and good times.

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