Flowers for Mother's Day . . . and a bit of Monday business.

It was a lovely weekend in Small Works country -- Mother Nature shared her gifts liberally, with the nicest weather Saturday we've seen in too many months to count on one hand, followed by the appearance of our first blossoms on Sunday.

Windy and wet, but wonderful nonetheless.

Despite the rain they were like fresh air directly on my soul through the bedroom window.

And then once in a great while, a person comes across a dress that seems made for them, full of flowery-hippie goodness, and when they come across it in the month of May (birthday month, in addition to Mother's Day!) suddenly justifying the purchase is just hardly any work at all . . .

This dress is SO AWESOME
I didn't even mind having to model it myself to show it to you!

There was a perfect breakfast provided for my ease and enjoyment (donuts and diet coke, breakfast of champion mothers) and a flowery coupon book full of wonderful things, all courtesy of a man who knows me well . . .

The "wheelie" depicted in the first coupon is a discovery from our trip to VA last week -- 
a glazed donut with a sundae on top.  Will wonders never cease?

And in a moment of sublime -- HANNAHness -- I was presented with a new cactus for my kitchen-table-cacti collection (no home should be without one), which was welcomed immediately and with great enthusiasm:

And hand stitched!  Gotta' love that girl!

See? It was flowers all around.

Now for today's business:

No, no, no . . . that's not it!  
I have absolutely no idea how to thrill anyone with liver, man or woman.

1) Finalizing arrangements for a little gallery show at Show of Hands in Denver that will open in mid-June . . . VERY EXCITED! Any of you out there in lurk-land who live in the greater Denver metro area?  If so, please come by and meet my work in person and say hello! (more details to come, of course)

2) FINALLY updated the Meet My Work slide show in my sidebar to include newer work, as well as some Sky Songs and Conversation Pieces (collages).  That little job was only a few *ahem* years overdue.  If you haven't visited in awhile, hop on over and click through so we can get reacquainted.

3) Next up . . . Anatomy of a Frame.  (No, it isn't the title of a Perry Mason episode.  It's a little tutorial on how I frame my Small Works --  I get asked a lot.  Hope to see you there!)

of Mondays!




Karen M said...

Love Hannah's cactus. And they must have had you in mind specifically when they designed the dress. It's terrific.

I'm thinking the "thrill" of liver must be more of the horror type of thrill....

Leenie said...

A very awesome flower-hippy goddess dress. Looks made for you. How fortunate to have a birthday in May. You even have tree blossoms. Lucky. Looks like you came out shinin' on the Mom Day gifts. Way to GO.

Denver is closer ti ID than MN. But still a day's drive so I'll probably miss out on seeing Small Works in Wool in person. Maybe someday. Best wishes with that show!

luanne said...

Should thrill and liver (shudder) ever even appear in the same sentence? I have an otherwise normal friend who sometimes orders liver when we go out for lunch -- then I must distract myself with french fries.

Love that dress, as you know. And the wooly cactus from Hannah -- genius! Looking forward to the framing info... I've always wondered about your secret process, they all look so great.

Allie said...

Oh Susan - that dress is so gorgeous - and SO YOU! I think it must have been designed especially for you. I LOVE IT! Great coupons, too, although I'd be pushing for more than one. Maybe one a DAY. Love Hannah's cactus - one of the first things I made when I discovered fabric was a large cactus, stuffed, in a terra cotta pot. I used it for a pincushion. Mum still has it. I like Hannah's better.

A show in Denver - yep, wish I could be there!

susan m hinckley said...

Thanks, friends! (LuAnne, you make me laugh and I will NEVER order liver if we go out to lunch. Pinky swear! But I may eat your fries.)

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