Wednesday explores "what if" . . .

I love today's Small Words quote:

Imagination is everything.  
It is the preview of life's coming attractions.

-- Albert Einstein

Hopefully everything I've imagined wasn't an actual preview, per se, because I imagine plenty of things that I don't ever want to see come to pass, but it does make one think about the power of imagination --

It's dabbling in possibility, with no assurance 
as to where the journey of possibility might end.

Which reminds me of sitting in 6th grade science class, 

watching Walt Disney's "Our Friend the Atom" film . . .

. . . of course at that time plenty had already come to pass as a result of our dabbling in all things atomic, and yet watching the news this morning it remained clear that the story continues to unfold.  Which got me thinking.

When I was watching "The Social Network", I kept wondering whether those smarty-pants kids had any idea what they were unleashing when they invented Facebook on a drunken whim --

Of course there was no way they could have.   But for good and bad, their world-changing force continues to sweep through lives around the globe, forming unlikely connections, strengthening old relationships, and throwing off enough energy to transform nations.

For good and bad -- end result open . . .

Because the imagination provides no satisfaction guarantees.

It's all a powerful tribute to the possible -- 

Even though the possible's outside dimensions lie well beyond the small confines of even our most far-reaching imaginations --
we can never know until we go.

Imagination is the voice of daring.  If there is anything God-like about God it is that.  He dared to imagine everything.

-- Henry Miller

And I don't know about you, but I value my imagination well above any past accomplishments.  Because my imagination provides always open doors and a beckoning finger . . . 

The most living of living things.

Live out of your imagination, 
not your history.

-- Stephen Covey

Well said, Gentlemen . . . well said.



Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Thanks for a few really needed quotes today.

Leenie said...

You've got that one right, Susan. I love that some of the best quotes about imagination come from Einstein.

I remember watching that Walt Disney science film. I think they were trying to make amends for traumatizing a whole generation of kids who'd been drilled on "duck and cover" (like that would do any good.) Isn't that one one where they set up a room full of set mouse traps with ping-pong balls on the trigger to illustrate the action of an atomic explosion? Or was that Mr. Wizard? Oh well.

It's scary how many goblins still lurk in Pandora's box. Nevertheless, good or bad, our imaginations still continue to let them out.

Judy said...

Love this post, especially the line that the "imagination provides no satisfaction guarantees." You give me a lot to think about.

Allie said...

Well said SUSAN!! And may I say I love where your imagination takes you - especially your art!

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