Know Thyself, indeed.

If the measure of a weekend is 
how tight your pants are on Monday morning, 
then this past weekend was simply splendid . . .

If it's how much 
you accomplished 
on your lengthy to-do list, 
not so much.

But I was able to cross off one item:

Vocabulary Lesson No. 26, Susan M. Hinckley, 2011, 10.5"x6.5"

One of the great things about being me is that if you suddenly find yourself in need of a toy-sized vintage silver fork, you can find one in your closet.  That's also one of the bad things about being me.

We once set the all-time box count record for our movers.  Due in part, I'm sure, to my habit of acquiring things like toy-sized vintage silver forks with no particular purpose in mind (for the record, I had three to choose from).

The problem is, every now and then I need something like that and when I can put my hands on it with very little effort, it does nothing but reinforce my natural pack-rat tendencies.

Couple that with the fact that I'm obviously 
going to be dieting my way back into my black pants 
(YET AGAIN) for the St. Paul show, 
and I'd say it's a pretty clear indication
that I'm not going to become a better person 
anytime soon.



ps.  Here's a link to something spectacular 
that just might make your Monday . . . it did mine!



Judy said...

We went on a little trip last week and I came back with four souvenir pounds--almost a pound a day. Love your little fork. I can't say that I blame you for keeping things like that! Love the link. Yes, your whole post put a smile on my face!

Leenie said...

Shaking My Head. Amazing and amusing piece of thread and fabric (and fork) art. You picked the right animal to be the model for gourmet. Love the kitty's refined tie and button-down collar.

Those pants must have just shrunk in the wash. Yeah, that's it!

Allie said...

Hm....my pants got looser this weekend...but, we were sick. I LOVE this piece Susan, good for you on knowing what to keep!

Shantel said...

I LOVED that embroidery. (cant spell) that is one craft thing I actually do well. Did she do that by hand???? I am in awe of that AND your black pants.

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