Snow, Snow, Look at the Snow!

Do we like it?  We don't know . . .

Busy, busy Friday working on holiday projects (of which I hope to provide you photos on Monday).  If you're lucky enough to live somewhere that ISN'T bombed with snow today, please pause for a moment and soak in some warmth for me.

For the rest of you, please enjoy a repeat of Small Works' Vintage Snowman Parade, courtesy of Aunt Lillie and her inability to throw anything away . . . bless you, Lillie!  It was a bit of a pain when the piles kept you from being able to sleep in your own room, but all is forgiven and forgotten now that we get to enjoy your never-ending supply of ephemera.  (If we can't have you, I suppose we'll have to settle for your stuff . . . xo.)

Happy Shoveling!



Allie said...

That's not how it goes - here's the proper version, lol -

Snow, snow, look at the snow! Do we like it? NO NO NO.

I do, however, LOVE your snowmen pics!

Leenie said...

Good to be reminded about the goodness of snow. We have enough, here, thankyouverymuch.

susan m hinckley said...


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