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I know!


December 5 would have been 
my maternal grandfather's birthday.  

 Clarence Alma Grant

His name was Clarence, but he went by Tabby.  The only explanation for this I have ever heard is that there was another Clarence in town when he was young who also went by Tabby.  As good a way as any to get a nickname, I suppose. (And since his father was in his 70's when my grandpa was born, I imagine he was pretty much free to do as he wished in a lot of things. But that's another story.)

Clarence & Aunt Lillie

He lived with Aunt Lillie, because on the day he was married to my grandmother, she felt sorry for her unmarried sister and invited her to move into their small house with them.  I can only imagine his delight.  But after his wife died, he and Lillie continued to live together happily for the rest of his life.

I spent much more time with him than most young girls do with their grandfathers. He would pick me up from school on Fridays and take me home with him, where I would spend the weekend being "his gal."   He was exceptional in so many ways.  For instance, as near as I could tell, he KNEW EVERYONE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD.  And they knew him, and were always delighted to see him.

If there was a weenie, he roasted it.  If there was a game, he played it.  A political rally?  He had the biggest sign.  A sing-along?  He led the music.  A community event?  He was the emcee.  A skit or play needed?  He wrote it and then starred in it.  

He also owned a dance hall, and we would always stop by the dance late on Saturday nights just to see how things were going.  Once he tried to teach me to fox trot.  Unsuccessfully, I'm afraid.  But after a few clumsy attempts he just let me stand on his feet.   

He never met a holiday he didn't like, 
a bad joke he didn't already know, 
or a piece of candy he couldn't find in his treat drawer.

And there's never a December 5th that I don't miss him, miss him, miss him.  I hope he's having fun, wherever he is.  I'm sure everyone he's with is having a good time, because he always made sure of that.  

Happy Birthday, Grandpa!  

You left this party 
much too soon.  xo


Amelia Poll said...

When we moved out here I immediately felt a huge need to learn more about my family. I remember Hannah knowing all the names in the Grant and Meredith family, and it made me jealous. So I made a family tree to hang in my home. But, I still don't know many stories about my family, so I appreciate hearing your memories :)

Happy Birthday, Grandpa Clarence!!

Leenie said...

Yes, Happy Birthday to your grandpa. He sounds like a splendid, wonderful man. How blessed you are to have such memories. By any chance would his father/grandfather's name be Heber?

At least you had something good to post about on a wintery, Monday when the pants are getting tight and the laundry needs to be done...AGAIN.

luanne said...

What a sweet tribute to your grandpa. He sounds like every grandchild's dream!

Michele said...

What a lovely tribute to your grandpa. I was close to my grandpa too. We're lucky to remember all those good times.

Allie said...

Well that made me miss my own grandpa - yours looks and sounds like an absolutely delight to be around. What a blessing to have such a grandpa - I know because mine was the same way!

Amelia Poll said...

Not to hijack your comment section Susan, but in answer to Leenie's question: no. Heber J. Grant (as I assumethat is who you are referring to) didn't have any sons and this Grant line is a completely separate (so far as we know) Grant line. The first time the two Grant lines have joined is when my parents married :)

susan m hinckley said...

Thanks for the genealogy clarification, Amelia! I had forgotten that your mom and dad brought the two lines together!

Cory and Sara Jane said...

Thank you for this post!! It brought a tear to my eye as Grandpa Clarence was my favorite grandpa too! I miss him! Zach did an ancestor report this month on grandpa & it was so nice to read stories & see pictures. :)

susan m hinckley said...

I'm so glad that you're old enough to remember him, Sara -- my girls are all a bit too young to have real memories.

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