Thursday means . . . Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving already?
It must be time for a look back at the year

 to see if there's anything to be thankful for . . .

Food to eat?


A home?


That's warm?


Luxury items?


All my favorite people?


An opportunity to do what I love 
(every day)?


Wow -- those are just some basics. 
This could take awhile . . .

Small Works wishes you 
a wonderful holiday

filled with peace and plenty,  
and the ability to recognize all the things
you have (whatever they are!)
to be grateful for.



Amelia and Justin said...

Well, we have one of your favorite people...

Happy Thanksgiving!!! Love you!

luanne said...

Well said! I'm counting my many blessings today, and special blog friends are high on that list.

Happy Thanksgiving & a fun holiday weekend to you & your family!

susan m hinckley said...

Thanks, you two! Hope you've all had a wonderful day. (And thanks for taking care of my girl, Amelia!)

Allie said...

Very well said, Susan - I hope you had a wonderful day!

Leenie said...

Nice list, but I'm laughing at your version of "Luxury Item," the Chevy Covraire. Two guys I knew owned those little babies with the engine in the back. Both engines caught fire and one almost rolled over. Guess Chevy got the hint and went to making Mustangs...good change. Hope your Turkey day was great!

susan m hinckley said...

Well you know, that's where Ralph Nader got his start, going after the Corvair with "Unsafe At Any Speed." I always thought they were pretty ugly cars, actually, but some people were very angry when they got pulled from the market. I live down the street now from a guy who restores Corvairs and always has several hanging around his house.

Pam said...

Loved catching up with your happenings, wonderful vintage illustrations and recent creative pieces Susan.Delightful.
With such busy times I missed my visits to Small Works in Wool! Happy Thanksgiving to you and thank you for your comment recently.You are right on the mark!

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