glut-ton-y, noun: Habitual greed or excess in eating . . . (see also: voracity)

Things got a little ugly in my closet this morning when I went to get dressed.  My jeans were angry, my friends.  Very angry.

Further proof that there's nothing new under the sun:  in 1936, women were worried about
pretty much the same things we are.  I'm not sure whether that's sad or comforting . . .

I guess there was just a little too much feasting over the holiday weekend.  But I wouldn't say I really have any regrets.  Given the chance, I'd probably eat it all again.  Today, in fact.

That's why I was relieved to find these helpful hints 
in a 1939 Ladies' Home Journal:

Of course, the obvious thing to do if a dress is too tight is put on one of the more tent-like selections in your closet.  I keep a variety of sizes on hand at all times, in case I encounter just such a post-Thanksgiving emergency.  

And although it probably goes without saying, sweat pants are always your friends. But if you need to look like you still have a bit of self esteem, it would probably be wiser to try some tricks like these:


Since I'm not too good with a sewing machine, I'm going to need something even simpler that I can accomplish with a needle and thread, like this:

A simple running stitch around the perimeter 
that I can cinch up nice and tight should do the trick . . . 
but then again, I am pretty good at unpicking . . .

 Happy Back-to-Reality Monday!



Leenie said...

I hear you! And the goodies will get better and the muffin top worse as we roll down into December.

luanne said...

Those dress makeovers are wild! Thank goodness styles are a bit more forgiving now. And even in my slimmer youth (very long ago!) I loved stretchy waistbands. Blue jeans always felt like punishment to me.

Allie said...

Susan, I have ONE pair of jeans left that fits me. Good thing I wear sweats to the Y. Maybe I should sew my lips shut too!

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