Monday, Monday . . . November One-day.

Good morning!  I hope it was a fun Halloween for one and all and your candy (or other) stupor is beginning to burn off as the day progresses . . .

November is statistically the grayest month in Minnesota -- 
thank goodness I've just finished stitching up 
a large dose of sunshine! 

It was a little difficult doing the profile.  Actually, it was a lot difficult but mostly because the background fabric I chose for this piece is really cranky about being stitched through.  I knew it was going to be a bear, and it didn't disappoint!  So I've been going quite slow . . . 

But now that the sun is finished, the rest should come together fairly quickly this week. And the colors are absolutely lovely -- when my friend fantastic-stitcher Flannery saw it sitting on my desk, she said, "I want a cupcake in those colors!"

I just want a cupcake.

Now the question is, what is going to be coming out of that sun's mouth?!

That is the question, isn't it?  
The answer should be arriving soon . . .

Happy Monday!



Leenie said...

Sunshine is so necessary to cheer in the grayest, grayest month. Although January is worse to me because there is no holiday to look forward to.

Your happy sun is a good antidote for all that. I'd vote for a rainbow to come out of the sun's mouth. But that would be even more tricky stitching--and maybe a funny saying would be better. Just thinking out loud here and not making much sense. Oh well...blame it on a lack of sun. ;-D

Amelia and Justin said...

I am sure you already have plans for your beautiful sun, but I imagine her somehow breathing life into flowers. It looks cooler than words can explain. Or maybe I could adequately explain it if I had a little more sleep in me :)

susan m hinckley said...

Breathing life into flowers is a great idea! A rainbow is also a cool idea, although Hannah has a picture of a unicorn vomiting a rainbow with the caption, "where rainbows come from." Hilarious, but it may have tainted me for life.

Actually, I do already have plans for the sun . . . but it's so fun to hear other ideas (future pieces?!)

Allie said...

I LOVE HER!!!!!!!! Oh Susan you clever thing you!

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