A Halloween hello . . .

Are you old enough to remember Betsy McCall?  I am.  And I used to love to cut her out carefully and mount her on the flimsy cardboard from nylon stocking packages (when Aunt Lillie was kind enough to let me tear her out of the magazine). 


So I invited her to stop by and wish you a 
Happy Small Works Halloween! 

Hope it's full of tricks and treats

and fun of just the right kind 
to put a smile on your pumpkin's face. 

Happy Halloween!


Allie said...

I don't remember her although I'm old enough - don't think my mom got those magazines! She got everything else though.
Happy Halloween!

Leenie said...

I HAVE a real Betsy McCall. She still has her original dress since I'm not much of a dolly sort of person. Fun to be reminded of her still stuck in that box where I keep her safe from grandkids.

I do remember cutting out the paper dolls as well, but such a bother when there were trees to climb and dogs to play with.

susan m hinckley said...

Sounds like you were something of a tomboy, Leenie -- I was more of a "only go outside when I have to" sort of child. But I wish I still had my original Betsy McCall. I obviously wasn't much of a saver, either. I grew out of that however, obviously.

Moonsilk Stitches said...

Oh, I loved Betsy McCall paper dolls! I loved it when my mom bought the magazine. I would beg my mother to let me mail away for dolls (in the fine print at the bottom of the paper doll page in the magazine). Thanks for the lovely memory.

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