Worky Wednesday . . .


But not the good kind of Wednesday (art-worky) . . . 
the dusty kind of Wednesday:  house-worky!  

Cleaning out closets and vacuuming up cobwebs--
Spring Cleaning, to be exact. 

You say I'm too late for Spring Cleaning?  
So I don't get to feel self righteous  . . . 
or even good about myself?  



Well, I could have felt good about myself if I'd made something cool like this while I was packing up those bags for Goodwill:

Corriette Schoenaerts, South America, 2005, Lambda print, 32.25 x 39.5 in.

 Corriette Schoenaerts, Europe, 2005, Lambda print, 48 x 31.5 in

I adore these pictures!  I think they're just amazing. 

In fact, that boot tickles me pink. 
I'm always delighted to see how smart other people are -- 
don't they think of the darnedest things?

That's how I feel about many of the artists in this book:

The Map as Art, Contemporary Artists Explore Cartography, by Katharine Harmon

It's full of maps and map-related art as varied as the world itself.

Next time I clean out my junk drawer, 
I think I'd enjoy it more if I do something like this with the contents:

Vik Muniz, WWW, 2008, 107 x 71 in., from the series Pictures of Junk

I wish I were almost anywhere else 
in the world today . . .

but alas, I've made this mess and now I have to 
stay right here and deal with it.

But you can't stop me from daydreaming.

(Can you think of anything I could make out of dog hair?  
 17 discarded purses?  
9 almost empty rolls of wrapping paper?  
A shopping bag of cardboard scraps?
8 phone books?
A warped saucepan, perhaps?) 


Judy said...

These pictures are enough to make me want to COLLECT stuff just so I can dispose of it so beautifully. Sigh.

Pam said...

This is all BRILLIANT! People's creativity is astounding and so much fun! Thanks for featuring this Susan, who would have thought!!...added incentive for me going through the closets, though I have nothing to make an impressive Italy, or an impressive anything for that matter! Perhaps husband can dump his dirty washing on the floor in a more creative manner in future (I'm thinking Kangaroo Island perhaps?)

Allie said...

BRILLIANT displays - I adore maps. Have you seen the Tokyo Subway Map Quilt-Along over at www.ohfransson.com? Love it.

House-worky - *shudder*

Leenie said...

Fun way to procrastinate the worky stuff.

Make a sweater out of the dog hair and build a fire with the cardboard scraps to burn everything else. Where you build that fire is entirely up to you.

sonata said...

i adore the creativity on these maps, it´s just wonderful
i love your blog! : )

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