Fantastic Fall Friday . . .

82 degrees in Minnesota in October? 
Are you kidding?

Toxic sludge oozing into the Danube River?

The second headline is even more unbelievable than the first, 
but also unfortunately true.

How long are we planning 
to blindly stumble along 
engaging in business as usual?

Come on, people.  

We need this world to last at least a few more years . . . 
I have more things I want to make, and a lot more green chile I want to eat.  

Not to mention my children 
and grandchildren (and yours).  

Looks like I picked a good week to start work on another Mother Nature piece.  

I did this one several years ago and I continue to get inquiries about it, 
so I thought it was time to revisit that theme.

And Mother Nature agrees with me -- 

I think she's a little irritated with us this week, and rightfully so.  
Especially on a day when  Minnesota is ablaze 
with the kind of autumn glory we're never guaranteed in this part of the world.  


I'd say she's outdone herself on our behalf. 

How about we show her 
a little love for a change, huh?

(Lecture over . . . please go outside and play.  And Happy Friday!)


Allie said...

I know - it's insane - oil spill in the Gulf, oil spill in Michigan, toxic sludge into the Danube, natural gas explosion in CA - makes me want to head to the north woods and live like a bear! But I'd miss the fabric shops.
Love your mama earth pieces.

luanne said...

Ditto the above, except instead of being a bear in the woods I'd be a bird in the trees along a non-oily beach, free to fly onward.

Thanks for providing cheerful stops in a gloomy week.

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