Wednesday wander . . .

Sometimes everybody needs to play.

And since no one has raked my leaves into piles yet so I can jump in them,
I've had to content myself with playing in my studio.

So I've been making some silly little embellished drawings for my Etsy shop:

 Think., collage, 5x7", Susan M. Hinckley, 2010

Tweet., collage, 5x7", Susan M. Hinckley, 2010

A little quick drawing, a simple snip, 

a dab of glue and a stitch or two . . .

I enjoy my process-oriented work, and don't really mind that it can take a month for me to see a finished product.  But sometimes it just feels good to make something for a little instant gratification.  I also like revisiting my friends from time to time, even though I only stitch them once.

And it's a good exercise in imperfection for me, since an original drawing doesn't allow me the correction possibilities that a print does.  So when I get an "oops!" line, I have to figure out a way to live with it.

I have two or three more that I'm going to work on today.

I'm also doing some quick, 
fun blog posts for the new TAFA Etsy team blog. 

With such a wide variety of artists on the TAFA list, the blog will be a nice sampling of ideas and work across a wide spectrum.  Put it on your list to check in on once in awhile.

I'm going to 
head over now and 
start uploading my posts.  

See you there!



Allie said...

Nobody's raked my leaves either, Susan! I adore your embellished drawings - I know what you mean about needing a quick project sometimes.

Leenie said...

Playing in the studio is the best. Love your results. And I always enjoy your posts. Nice style and fun art. Hope you can find a pile of leaves for jumping in the near future.

susan m hinckley said...

My first post is up on the TAFA blog -- fun to be a guest blogger somewhere else!

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