Come to my window . . .

These are the colors 
outside my studio today:

No artist could conjure a more lovely combination.  
And such a delicious blend of warm sun and slight briskness --
changing almost from second to second 
as the world hesitates here between two stops.
Close your eyes . . . can you feel it?
Perfectly autumn.


golden slant of light

bright-edged and ebbing

a wave through the last

leaves, a crisp goodbye

of color, a flutter

of wings away, whispered

and twirling as a lullaby

riding its October wind

to a contented rest


(Hope your Monday is beautiful as well.)



Karen S said...

What a lovely poem -- "a crisp goodbye of color" and the lullaby imagery are so apt. I'm still not ready to fall...

Although I love the color of the leaves against the impossibly blue sky this time of year.

Leenie said...

I'm glad autumn goes out on such a colorful note. Something to savor on the gray gray days that will follow. Very nice poetry too.

Anonymous said...

Fall is the BEST!!! I took pictures today also!

Allie said...

What a wonderful poem, Susan! I'm so loving the colors right now - and every time I go out I forget my camera. There's a grove of trees near me that has an almost mystical feel, absolutely glorious color, but it's on private grounds - maybe I'll get nerve enough to ask if I can take a picture!

luanne said...

you have such a gift for poetry. lovely images, the photos and the words.

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