Pre-Weekend Update.

Here's what's happening 
at Small Works today:

wind and rain, 

a new piece,

a slow-moving embroidery,


a knee injury 
(that somehow seems to match the aforementioned embroidery)


a few bars 
(luckily mine are rocky road brownies!)


a (new) June 1939 
Woman's Home Companion Magazine
that's just awesome

(and a few other things.)

Hope your weekend is full of a variety 
of fun and interesting things as well 
(and a rocky road brownie or two).  

Happy Friday!



Allie said...

You can keep the wind and rain [we do have the wind, but it's very warm] and I'll take the brownies!!! Have a great weekend! I don't know which is making me drool more, the sound of the brownies or that new magazine!

Judy said...

You know, I'd love it if you'd add a food blog to your line up. I'm suddenly needing a recipe for rocky road brownies. And as far as the knee injury goes, nothing is better for that than, coincidentally, chocolate and marshmallow and nuts.

susan m hinckley said...

Thank you, Doctor. I had made a similar diagnosis! (But I think we'll leave the food blog to the Cannons, who seem to be particularly gifted in that area.)

Pam said...

I found a "fast-moving embroidery" to counteract your slow-moving one. Pop over and have a look at the talented work of Aubrey Longley-Cook! Have a great weekend Susan - I'm looking forward to visiting an artist in the hills who has encouraged all to bring a bag to her clearance sale- she is shifting house and having a studio clear-out - fun!!

Leenie said...

Sorry to hear about your knee. But the injury doesn't seem to have affected you sense of humor. And it sounds like those rocky road brownies will be just what the doctor ordered for a fast recovery. :D

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