Signed, sealed . . . but not yet delivered.

Anyone can do any amount of work, 
provided it isn't the work he is 
supposed to be doing at the moment.

Robert Benchley

So what have I been doing this week?

Working on pieces for San Francisco, yes, but working mostly on this:

My hubcap for the Landfill Art Project is finished!  At last!

It gave me all kinds of grief, actually.  The center came together quite easily, but every step beyond that was difficult.

First, I decided to add the random border that would protrude a bit from the recessed center.
I added that and was pleased.

I had gessoed the hubcap in preparation for decoupaging music in the center,
but I decided decoupage was just not the look I was going for.

Then I painted the hubcap black, intending to paint the large center like one of my frames.
Didn't like how that looked at all.

So I painted the hubcap yellow, thinking that some color would fix the problem.
Ick and double ick.

So then I hit on the idea of the stitched center, originally intending clouds instead of dots.
Hated the clouds.  So I went for dots instead.  Fine.

But the stitched center looked AWFUL on the yellow hubcap.   Hmmm.  Back to black.  And I still wanted to do some decorative painting, so it seemed only natural to add a black and white check around the outside.  Halfway through that, yuck . . . so I went back to the idea of decoupage music.


Some projects are just a little less cooperative than others.  But I'm pleased with the finished product, and think it captures both the spirit of the project and the feel of my work nicely.  Now to get the darn thing in the mail . . . and get back to my REAL work.  Except that I've got a couple of outstanding orders screaming for my attention.

Hmmm . . . any chance of another vacation?!


luanne said...

Sorry this project had so many growing pains, but it was well worth it to persevere... it ended up so being perfectly you.

Love everything -- the music border, the cute singing bird, the patchwork inner border, and the perfectly-stitched dots background. And the round format.


susan m hinckley said...

Thanks, LuAnne! Sometimes after I've wrestled with something for so long I have a hard time knowing whether I like it or not. I have to see it again after a little separation before I can make that judgment. So I'm glad to get someone's opinion who isn't so close to the situation.

Jingle said...

nice efforts...
have a fun Friday!

Allie said...

Susan, every centimeter of this is PERFECT. The bird - the bits of color around the bird - the polka dots - the black hubcap, and the music around the edge. I LOVE this.

susan m hinckley said...

Thanks, Allie! I hope the people in charge of the project like it as much as you do.

Elizabeth said...

Thank you for making this happen. Hope that the people liked it, I sure do.

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