Vacation . . . All I ever wanted . . . Vacation . . . Had to get away . . .

Still Winter!

I haven't 
missed it 
after all.

Unfortunately what happens in Vegas does NOT stay in Vegas . . .
it eventually flies home to Minnesota.

Because vacations end. 
But it was lovely while it lasted!

And soon I'll surely stop humming all these Four Seasons tunes,
a residual effect of being treated to "Jersey Boys" while I was there.

And I'll take a much needed break from guacamole.

And I will certainly be pleased to wear (to church on Sunday) my newly acquired
Ankle High Red Cowboy Boots With Peace-Sign Zippers

(a gift from my mother, although I suspect that if she had noticed the peace signs on them 
she would have been less eager to purchase them than she was -- 
surely her still-active "Hippie Detection/ Warning System" 
would have been on high alert.)

And I suppose I will also quit eating everything within my reach and then getting in the car to drive to the things that are slightly out of my reach.

And I'll be happy to be reunited with my snuggly parka.  
(No more irresponsible running around without being properly dressed!)

And yes, Jillian, I hear your gentle words of encouragement and will respond
with a workout SOON.

No, really.
I'm just busy . . . uh . . . unpacking.

And I'll not complain as I pull on my snowboots to take Cooper out for a walk

(actually more of a slog --  I'm afraid the weather here wasn't what it was there!)
through the mountains of fresh snow in the park.

And I'll even be glad to be home.

(Now we've come to a promise I can keep. 
But please don't hold me to the others.
Except the one about the red boots. 
This Sunday.  
You know . . . for Valentine's Day.
And because I'm trying to cultivate
a reputation for being 
"that eccentric lady" at church.
So far it's going well, btw.)


Allie said...

Hahaha - yes it's still winter - you should've brought some Vegas sun home with you! I want to see those boots!

Judy said...

I agree--a picture of the boots is a must. And I love the image of you as "that eccentric lady at church." You go, girl!

Darlene said...

Yeah, show us the boots! They sound very cool, especially the peace signs! Welcome home to winter, but it's on the wane now. We were outside yesterday, and somehow, the air smelled different...like may spring may actually get here...

Love all the little pictures, especially the last one with the lady and the cat in the window!

Amelia and Justin said...

Definitely need to see the boots. You should have taken a picture of the boots next to Grandma's light up jellies - haha.

And yes, winter is definitely in the air. Although, I think we probably got WAY more snow than you did :)

Anonymous said...

OMG Susan, last week I bought ankle high red cowboy boots with peace sign zipper pulls! (Are they from Lucky?) My 16-yr-old, with me at the time, did not understand why I was willing to wait for them to be shipped to me when they had a perfiectly nice pair of brown ones in stock. I can hardly wait for the 17 feet of snow we still have on the ground in DC melts so I can wear them. Yee haw. (Love your blog.)

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