If it's Tuesday February 2nd, it must mean . . .


I missed the
"Small Works 200th Post Spectacular Celebration?"

I hope you all had a party without me. 

I just caught sight of the fact (on my dashboard, but it may as well have been my rearview)

that I sped past 200 and am now on 204 (which I feel is something of an accomplishment.)

If there's anyone out there who has read them all, please send an email to my husband and tell him what they say -- a condensed version will be fine.  And if you happen to have cupcakes on hand as well, please send me one in commemoration.


That's okay.

Then I'll celebrate by showing you something funny I came across in a quote book I was skimming through the other day.  It is wholly appropriate to the entire blogging phenomenon, I think, and there's nothing better than coming across something serendipitous and overflowing with naturally occurring goodness on a day when the groundhog has already seen his shadow and pronounced our sentence.

These two quotes were right next to each other:

"The unexamined life is not worth living."
Socrates (In Plato's Apology)

"The examined life can make you want to kill yourself."
Saul Bellow

Tee Hee.  Ain't it the truth . . .

Happy Groundhog-Day-&-


Daryl said...

Happy Anniversary Susan, time flies when you are having fun. Thanks for all you have done to brighten my day each time you post, and for what its worth, where I live the groundhog didn't see his shadow so I expect spring to be right around the corner!

Amelia and Justin said...

Hey, I have read and enjoyed every.single.post.

I don't have cupcakes, but I was thinking of making peanut butter rolo cookies. I'll think of you as I'm eating them :)

susan m hinckley said...


And thanks so much for reading, y'all, from the bottom of my cupcake craving heart.

Judy said...

I've read at least the last 50. Should I send you a 1/4 cupcake? (Hmmm, that would leave 3/4 for me...)

Happy 204th!

Allie said...

Well congrats on 204!!! I've enjoyed every single one since I found you, and went backwards and read others cuz you make me laugh every time. LOVE the quotes together!

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