While we keep a man waiting, he reflects on our shortcomings . . . . . French proverb

If you're tired of hearing about Susan's new computer, raise your hand . . .

I have several things to say about that: 

1) I don't blame you.

2) Imagine how I feel after spending nearly 5 (FIVE!) hours on the phone with HP yesterday.

That doesn't count the hours of weekend time that my cute little tech supporter and I had already invested.

The bottom line is this:  I'm getting a new computer.  

It's a good news/bad news situation.  The new computer is the good news.  The estimated build date of February 5 is the bad news.  Because the old computer has taken up happy residence in Russ' lair, leaving my printer and scanner without a date to the dance. 

So please bear with me while you see posts populated with rerun illustrations, and more importantly, while we all experience a delay in my promised Etsy Escapades.

I can tell you that the prints of the embroideries are going to be splendid.  My oldest daughter saw the first one and said, "I want to reach out and touch it and then maybe EAT it!" which I thought was most certainly a compliment. 

Because who wants to eat wool?  (Except Cooper, but that's another story.  Well, several stories, unfortunately . . . )

And I'm also thinking pretty seriously about teaching an online class. But I believe "computer required" is implied in the very notion. So for now, I'll just keep scheming.

Sew Along With Susan, anyone?

Yes, there are new things in the wings at Small Works, but now we all have to play a little waiting game while I enjoy an extended farewell to my little old friend (and its miniature/prehistoric monitor, the HP vp15.)

What shall we do while we wait?

Or something more useful and responsible:

Or perhaps just this?

Yup.  That's the one.
(Should do wonders for the techno-crick I seem to have developed in my neck.)


Sarah in Houston said...

I LOVE YOUR SITE! The pictures are great. I feel like I'm in elementary school looking at a magazine. I will be putting you in my RSS feed. Thanks so much,
Sarah in Houston

susan m hinckley said...

Thanks, Sarah -- Welcome to the blog! We've been saving a chair for you . . .

VO said...

An online class would be lovely. Although yes, a working computer would be necessary. Gee whiz you'd think they'd get you a computer faster than that, I hope you got something for your trouble like free HP products.

Ummmm, just mention you've mentioned their service on your blog. LOL, sometimes they'll look it up and find out you have.

luanne said...

So glad you're getting a fresh new computer-- it sounded like the first one was just plain jinxed.

Your archives surely offer plenty of material for a few revisits/remixes to tide us over.

Looking forward to your new etsy!

Daryl said...

I had this happen a couple of years ago with my new laser printer from HP. 20 hours of time on the phone with tech support and three printers later, we finally got one that does what it is suppose to do and has done it flawlessly for two years. There's hope Susan! And I vote for the last photo too. I think that's the only thing you can do at this point while you wait...

Allie said...

Yikes that's a long time to wait to us who are so dependent on technology! I'm glad you're getting a new one though.
Add me to the beach party, PLEASE. I need some sunshine and warm sand!

Amelia and Justin said...

I have to let Justin do all the talking to technical people on the phone...I get way too flustered and there tends to be a lot more yelling, or at least more rude things said. He is far more patient when it comes to things like that.

Hopefully Feb. 5th comes quickly. I'm waiting for Feb 9th (it can't come fast enough) - we have a sonogram appointment to see our baby :D

Amelia and Justin said...

Oh, and sign me up for "Sewing with Susan"!!!

Carolyn S. said...

Love your site! So sorry to hear of your computer's slow death. I can relate - we had two hard drives fail within a year. I can thank Hurricane Ike for the first one but no one has owned up to the second one as of yet...

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