And now for something completely different:

If you're wondering what shows I might be doing this year, rest assured that here at Small Works,

we've been asking ourselves the same question . . . ?

For some reason, last year left me particularly tired -- not of SEWING, but rather of SHOWING.  So I decided a little break might be in order and therefore haven't committed to doing anything in the immediate future.  However, there are several shows later in the year about which I am hopeful, so I'll keep you posted.

In the meantime, ZAPP and JAS continue to send me a barrage of  interesting opportunities for expanding my market.  For instance, I could apply to:

The Rochester (NY) Erotic Arts Festival:

a venue committed to "Celebrating sensuality, sexuality and eroticism in artistic expression."

These ladies are celebrating something in artistic expression.   But I have a hard time believing it's girdles.

In the call for entries, I am informed that:  "The Rochester Erotic Arts Festival is a tasteful yet enthralling event featuring an international erotic art exhibition, intriguing workshops, poetry contests, spicy entertainment, and living erotic art. . . . We are in search of high quality original works that are creative, erotic and thought-provoking. . . . (and thank goodness they added this restriction) . . .
Artists must be 18 and over."  

They did not specify whether one should ship the art in a plain brown wrapper.

(I LOVE poetry contests! Less sure about "living erotic art . . .")

Hannah immediately suggested that my work might lend itself to some (tasteful yet enthralling)
wool "boobies"

-- thank goodness I studied stump work --

to which I couldn't help adding that they would be positively charming with the addition of a strategically placed vintage button.

I know, Small Works is a family website.

I just thought one of YOU might want to enter, and therefore wanted to pass along the call
as a public service of sorts.

After all, there seems to be an uncanny amount of interest every time I post one of these:

Nudge, nudge.  Wink, wink.  
Know what I mean?

(Okay, okay . . . what if it WAS a cheap stunt to bump my stats?
We're a little bored here in MN in January.  Don't judge us.)


Daryl said...

I saw that posting from JAS and thought the same thing. I was sort of wishing I lived near Rochester just to see what an Erotic Arts Festival was all about! Hilarious post today, great photos!

Allie said...

Living erotic art? Ack! I can't imagine dancing around because of my girdle....maybe after I took it OFF.

susan m hinckley said...

First I'd have to own a girdle in order to take it off . . . ain't gonna happen. ("living erotic art" ain't likely to happen here either, btw!)

VO said...

I have a feeling I might leave the erotic art exhibition saying: "MY EYES! MY EYES!
Sometimes I say that to myself when I see myself in a dressing room with fluorescent lighting. So I just don't go there any longer.

Darlene said...

A "lightweight controlling garment"? Sounds kinky to me. Who knew those old ads were so racy?

krex said...

After seeing a friends succes in selling sewn mustaches...I have considering starting a line of the "needle felt wool merkins" so that some of the latest generation of "pre-pubescent pubic worshipers" can relive the wonderful 70's bush as apposed to the truely frightening Bush of the dawn of the 21 century .

Gosh.... politics, social commentary on modern societies pedophilia and fiber, all in one comment .

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