And now . . . Small Works offers a few helpful hints:

Things NOT to do when you're
getting ready for a show:

1) Let your domain expire.

Had anyone else noticed that susanmhinckley.com had become an ultra sleazy and cheap hotel site? Just happened to click on my website yesterday because I hadn't visited in some time and realized it not only was no longer full of whimsical hand-stitched goods, but it had crossed over to the dark side in an alarming way.

Been that way since mid-October, apparently. Long story of how that deadline sneaked past me, but for the sake of ease let's just call it "a severe case of the stupids."

S . . .

2) Use copious amounts of spray paint
with no respiratory protection.

And I had to have the garage closed, because this is Minnesota and although it was unseasonably warm, it was still seasonably windy! At least I have stopped coughing up black.

And the new frames look awesome! But I hope I have not actually given my life for my art.

(Note: My trigger finger is still numb from Saturday's spray marathon. Today is Wednesday. Luckily it is my right hand.)

3) Overestimate the number of things
you can possibly accomplish
in any three week period.

For one thing, I have taken on a major secret project (I said secret!) that is due right after the show, only I forgot to start on it in July like I should have (see "case of the stupids," no. 1, above).

I have not yet given up the dream, but we are quickly approaching the day when I just start crossing things off the list.

4) Get on the scale.

Even Jillian has not been able to stem the tide. And I really wanted to wear those dratted black jeans at the show (good thing we've established that girdles are BACK.)

Oh well . . . has anyone seen that bag of Almond Snickers I got on Halloween clearance? I swear they were just here . . .

5) Panic.

We've all been through this before. Thanksgiving will come, the show will zip past (blockbuster or not), the Christmas tree will get decorated (eventually), and before you know it, it'll be January. In Minnesota. And we'll be praying for a little excitement.

, the new collages are fun fun fun and totally different! I love the adventure of coming up with something completely new! (It messes with my sleep and makes me stupid in all other areas, but it is exciting nonetheless.)

And remember, things could be worse . . .

At least I don't have to give birth today.

Chelsea is 23!

(Same age I was when she was born. Ouch.)

She's our gift to Veterans everywhere (and she often had a school holiday for her birthday, so her timing was perfect). Best wishes, Bug! We salute you.


Allie said...

Happy Birthday Chelsea!!! Oh Susan, I did the exact same thing with my domain name. The underworld watches and waits for you to forget.....

susan m hinckley said...

Glad to hear I'm not the only one in that club, Allie -- but it's not a mistake I'll make again!

VO said...

Happy Birthday Chelsea!

It is nice when you've already done the birth thing and now you just get to celebrate it (with cake!).

Hmmmm, I wonder if the bird lady will be sporting bright red lipstick and a mole since she apparently spent a few weeks at a sleazy, cheap hotel?

Daryl said...

Susan, you totally crack me up. I adore your posts. And my daughter's birthday was yesterday. I knew I liked you, we both have raised Scorpio women!

And if you are following my blog, yesterday was one of my stupid mistake days, because I'm too busy with my head in the creative clouds to actually look at my calendar and see what day it is.

Pam said...

You're both so gorgeous! Happy Birthday Chelsea.

Anonymous said...

Susan, I haven't visited in awhile, always a treat to read your witty banter...I mean banter in a GOOD way!

I'm having big regrets not doing one of a kind this year. Customers are starting to panic and so am I...hope folks will make the trip to my shop. Maybe you guys can stop in too, if you have any down time :)

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