Mom! Mom!
Where are you?

I'm bored!
There's nothing to do!

Mother's very busy, Jimmy . . .
you'll have to run along
and play with your friends.
And stop playing with that slingshot in here.
Mother's got her work for the show
spread all over the house.

Hmmm . . . Why don't you run next door
and see if Janey wants to play with you?

Awww . . . She's a girl!

And anyway, all she ever wants to do is play on
her dumb ol' swing.

Why don't you watch TV?

Hey! It's Bonanza!

Awww . . . it's just ending.

Then why don't you play with the baby?
The baby loves to play with you!
You're such a nice big brother!

Naw . . . the baby's bored, too.

We want YOU to do
something with us.

I have an idea!
Why don't you run in the den and see
if Daddy wants to play?

I already asked him. . .
Daddy's busy, too.

I HATE when you're getting ready for shows.

Well, Jimmy, since you can't think
of anything to do,
and I have so much to do,
you can help me set the table for supper!

We're having a delicious
cold supper tonight, dear.
Mother doesn't have time to cook.

Veg-All Salad with Lemon Jello
and a Tartar Sauce Garnish!
It's already in the refrigerator!

Geez . . . Janey's mom NEVER makes
them eat a cold supper because
she's busy with art shows!

I'm going to Janey's house
to see if she wants to play.

There are a lot of hungry children
in the world, Jimmy, who would be delighted
with a supper of Veg-All Salad!

Not if it had TARTAR SAUCE on it!

Call me when your
dumb ol' art show is over.

Yes, Kids, Mother is a little busy . . .
but Small Works will return
just as soon as possible,
and I'll get my stuff off the kitchen counters
in time to fix a nice hot supper
(sometime before Thanksgiving).

Until then, go out and play with your friends
or I'm going to put you all to work.


VO said...

You could so put me to work - anything to be creating stuff.

And nobody ever has to feed me Veg-Al (gawds I hated that stuff).

Have fun in Chicago!

Allie said...

I'm going to go find Janey and make her give me a turn on her swing!

Amelia and Justin said...


Have I mentioned how much I love you and your blog?

Good luck in Chicago. I wish we could come!

*My verification word is "stylopig". Doesn't it make you want to figure out extactly what a stylopig is?? Is it a nicer form of a pig sty?

susan m hinckley said...

I think it's a decorating style -- in fact, I think I've seen it in certain rooms of my own house. Definitely done in early "styl-o-pig"!

april said...

yes, i had noticed your domain name was a hotel site and was completely baffled by it, but i guess forgot to comment about it too. i was trying to figure out whether it was some hinckley humor that i was oblivious too.

anyhoo, good luck with the countdown. it's always amazing what you can accomplish when the deadline is right around the corner - just as long as you don't kill yourself or give yourself lung cancer in the process please. if only the mini-deadlines i set for myself put me in super productive mode, but alas, it's only the real deadlines by others that get this body in overdrive.

p.s. you must confess if you wear a girdle to your art fair!!! or if you ever sample tartar sauce on jello.

susan m hinckley said...

I can already give you a definitive answer on both counts, April . . . No, and HE## NO!! (it's a family website, otherwise I'd have just spelled it out for you.)

april said...

i didn't think so (on both counts)!

luanne said...

thank goodness my dad wasn't a fan of mixed veggies or jello, so i never knew such a strange concoction as veg-all salad even existed. did anyone really eat it? (and all these years, i thought tartar sauce was for fish sticks!)

hope *mom's* work is coming along well!

susan m hinckley said...

I personally like my Filet-O-Fish with extra tartar sauce, but I like my jello straight up. And we grew up eating A LOT of jello. But luckily my mom stuck with plain or fruit in it only, and lots of whipped cream.

Russ' grandma, however, used to make some memorable jello salads. I remember actually almost gagging over tomato raspberry jello with green avocado sauce on it (festive, but ick.) But she would never clear your plate until you FINISHED so there was nothing to do but (*gulp) press on.

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