A Bonus Itty Blog Bit of Wisdom . . . because I'm still busy.

After a particularly large and unfortunate carpet-related incident this weekend (which occurred as a result of neglect because we were so tirelessly working working working on other areas of the house), I did at one point wonder aloud and in a voice of extreme annoyance and exasperation,


And of course any important rhetorical/philosophical question these days prompts a visit to the source of all answers

where I found this golden nugget of wisdom:

Of course my husband just adores his buddy Cooper,
who is a lot of company.

And the two of them definitely have fun.

And I like the people I love to be happy.

But there is one important part of this most elementary pet explanation that they both seem to have overlooked, which I intend to point out now:

And when your pets DO happen to bother other people (and their carpet), some flowers might be a good idea

if you both want to keep from ending up here:

(Just a friendly reminder.)


Nancy said...

You and I are on the same track right now... I was just thinking this morning how lovely it would be if someone decided to send me flowers today! I shall consider your wisdom my bouquet... (since I know the former is extremely unlikely)

susan m hinckley said...

It ain't happenin' here either, sad to say . . . but it never hurts to hope (and hint). And hearing from you is delightful as always, Nancy!

Allie said...

I ask myself that question all the time! Especially when I try to walk across the room by myself, without a huge dog tripping me up.

april said...

adored that "frozen food hitting foot is already icing the injury" line!!!

all of us in the extended family have been amazed at how gracious you have been about cooper. you deserve more than flowers!!! hope you're getting to sante fe soon.

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