It's Fast Friday Fun with Fido!

Friday because it is,

Fast because I'm on a short stitching break, and

Fido because -- well, I'll explain.

I probably don't need to tell you,


Maybe that's why I'm working on this:

Getting curious about where this piece is going? Me too.

Perhaps if I stock up on cute puppies, it will help me prevail in this difficult economic climate.

I'm also sending letters to my elected officials. Because in Minnesota, the arts are in a fight for their lives. For instance, our Governor intends to eliminate the Arts Board -- during his first term, we lost the Minnesota Crafts Council as a result of drastic and pervasive budget cuts aimed at the arts. This term he aims to take it a big step further.

Which makes me want to bite, scratch, growl, and do bad things on his lawn.

If you want to get involved in the fight for the arts, you can see what's going on nationally by going here. This will also give you ideas to get involved in your area.

And in addition to writing and demonstrating and exercising our civil rights,

I think we'd all better arm ourselves with puppies.

Because who can resist puppies?

Certainly not my husband.

Every night I read him the Albuquerque weather forecast. He then counters by reading me ads for puppies from the classifieds. Just a little good-natured dance we do.

But lately there's something dangerous in his voice.

His current pup (aka "son he never had") is now 3 years old.

They're devoted friends and I love watching the two of them together -- it really gives me great pleasure.

My mother-in-law warned me about "Russ and his animals"
before we got married.
I, of course, didn't pay much attention because I was certain I could change him.

Which I mostly did, successfully, for almost 25 years.

And along came Cooper.

The real problem is, I can now see that a big part of the appeal for Russ is teaching new tricks. And Coop is getting to be an old dog in the new-tricks-department.

Maybe I don't need to be worried.
But look what I found on his nightstand the other night:

He has whole magazines of this stuff. I think it's crack for puppy-lovers. I think it should be outlawed (at least in this house).

Meanwhile, I'm still missing a big chunk of my dining room carpet from last time around.


Even artists are
defenseless against puppies.

so . . . what if we sent one to the Governor?!


april said...

boy, i didn't realize russ was such an animal lover. mary (and maybe jeanie now that she's moved onto smaller dogs) might have gotten some of that too, but i think all the other hinckleys are pretty much immune. pat tolerates our dog. i'm the one who is still in love with him.

this post reminded me of something very sweet jake's physical therapist once said. it was something like: "not liking jake would be like not liking puppies." puppies are easy to love. (except when they're chewing things like your carpet or just checked out library book that you dropped on the floor for just one second.)

Carmen Rose said...

I've got two girls, both border collies and I don't think I could manage without them. Nothing like having a puppy in the house, it's just heaven!! :)

Jeanie said...

Russ and Mary certainly aren't the only Hinckley's that ended up with the "must love dogs" gene. Today I started crying after dropping Gus and Mimi off at the kennel that they're staying at while we're away on Spring Break. Just looking at those sad little faces as I drove away was too much for me.

Also, tell Russ that if he really needs a new dog (or dogs) to train that he can always come to Seattle and train our adorable but very naughty dogs.

susan m hinckley said...

April -- Thanks for sharing that quote about Jake -- your therapist was right, Jake is about the sweetest thing in the world. And he's incapable of doing naughty things. I know he's a tremendous amount of work and worry, but that's part of what has makes kids (and puppies) so lovable, isn't it?

VO said...

We have 4 puppies. Ok, not puppies anymore but they'll always be my puppies. Even the evil puppy (who will be 2 in June) who ate my brand new cell phone.

I'm glad Russ and your family are puppy lovers. I hold a special spot in my heart for animal lovers.

I cannot resist your puppy art, especially the spot dog. Reminds me of my cell-eating pup.

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