Beware the Ideas of March!

Subtitle: What a Fool Belieeeeves . . . .

Here's what I saw when I got up this morning:

Then I remembered it was April Fools' Day, so I had a quick laugh and said, "okay, ha ha -- funny!" and then closed my eyes and opened them again and took another picture:


You might think I meant the "Ides of March", but it isn't
the year 1599 and I'm neither Shakespeare nor a soothsayer.

No, I meant the IDEAS of March.

Because while March is now a memory, it's not a very distant one yet. Its ideas linger (like the idea that the 55 degrees we enjoyed a few weeks ago was only a taste of things to come . . .)

You might now have the subtitle Doobie Brothers song stuck in your head for the rest of the day, in which case I can only apologize. I did not mean to give you an April Fools' gift.

What was really intended by the dual title was to let you know that

The Kinds of Ideas I Get in March are
The Kinds of Ideas Only a Fool Believes.

March is the month before a show for me (ACC -- St. Paul) so that automatically makes it one of those months. A peek at my desk would reveal a lot:

piles of paperwork, some of which is undoubtedly important

a dayplanner open to the wrong week

a veritable mountain of thread-ends

drawings I can't stand

drawings I wish I could have time to make into pieces

felt bits. Wads of them.

Because before a show I inevitably go through a period in which I believe anything is possible.

Want to make 6 pieces this month? No problem. Go ahead and start them all.

Unfortunately, many of them still look like this:

And yes, they're all living on my desk.

"The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool."

I know, William, I know . . . and now that the calendar has turned over to April, reality is setting in and I'm focused on one piece which I hope I can get done.

But not if this little guy gets any grandiose ideas. And not if I don't ground myself from using this computer.

The Ideas of March become the Realities of April.


VO said...

I love that puppy. Now get off the computer right now and stitch.

No time for chit chat.

april said...

i second VO. that puppy is darling. can't wait to see what you do with it! this post made me smile in so many ways. glad i'm not the only one who thinks grandiose (like a month ago when i thought i was going to lose 20 lbs before my trip to cali - total weight loss as of today 0, so now i'm considering a colon cleanse before i leave next wednesday.) i do hope you awake soon to no snow. ours has been gone for a while (although the temperatures still dip back and forth). i would be pretty miserable if i looked out and saw snow right now. instead i look out and see all the window screens i now need to clean. spring cleaning time is here - hope it reaches you soon.

Anonymous said...

hope you can get him finished... love that little pink tongue.

okay, recess is over now, back to work!


susan m hinckley said...

I'd post a reply but then you'd know I was on the computer again . . . . oops!

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