It's Tuesday Treat Time!

Is Tuesday the new Friday?

Or is my alliterative addiction spilling over
onto the titles of other posts?

While I'd love it if we could get together for real treats on this out-like-a-lion Tuesday,

that's a piece of technology I have yet to figure out. (If any of you know the secret to this, please send a pie or perhaps some cookies to me as soon as possible -- whatever you have on hand will be just fine.)

Today's "Tuesday Treat" actually refers to the fact that I don't often post on Tuesdays. You may be going to Google Dictionary as we speak to check the definition of "treat," but I promise I'll try to make your visit worthwhile (without increasing your waistline).

I really just wanted to let you know that today I'm a guest blogger over here.

If you have a chance, come by and check it out. Michelle puts together a fun blog with all sorts of earth-friendly tips and tidbits, so I was pleased to be invited to contribute.

Now I wouldn't blame you at all if you're feeling misled at this point and beginning to wonder when the "treats" are coming.

So here is something delicious:


Yesterday I shared with you one of my fiber art heroes. Today I'll send you to check out my all-time blogging hero, Maira Kalman.

Her blog is everything a blog could ever aspire to: educational, intriguing, packed with great eye candy, witty, quirky, unbelievably creative . . . *sigh* . . . things mere mortals can only dream of.

Each post is a work of art to be savored again and again.

Ms. Kalman wrote one of my favorite books
(a published version of her blog),

which I've referred to on Small Works many times before. But I didn't realize until recently she had returned to blogging.


(Don't spend one more second here! Unless you have figured out how to send me baked goods, then please wait for them to upload completely before you click away . . . )


VO said...

So many treats, so little time!

Congrats on the guest blogging, always nice to read how one got started.

Goodwill said...

Hi Susan!

Thanks again for the guest blog. I have been receiving great comments about in our community.

Be in touch!

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