The Audacity of Hope, Indeed.

(See also nerve, spunk, grit, foolhardiness, impudence, impertinence and brashness.)

One of you warned me on Monday against burning my parka too early. Good advice because March is truly the cruelest month,
despite what T.S. Eliot says.

At least by April you're pretty sure you're going to live through it.

Anyway, for whatever reason I've been in a funk for a few days.

My thoughtful husband inquired about it last night,

so I've been thinking about possible reasons and have come up with several contributing factors.

There's been a lot of dieting and diet-talk going on around here for awhile now (thankfully you've mostly been spared, although I feel another diet post could be looming . . .)

I could be feeling gloomy because he seems to be going from this

to this

with very little trouble.

I was off to a good start,

but then there was Baltimore (darn that deli and its delicious melty ham-n-cheese subs slathered with that mayo with those mystery-bits-of-red-tastiness!!)
and then visiting Hannah,
and then the stress of coming home,
and now March . . . .

I'm only irritated because it appears to me that he's eating a lot of the same things I am, but he keeps having great weigh-ins.

Okay, I have been sneaking a few really stupid indulgences . . .

Ice cream on Cream of Wheat???!!

Perhaps I should try a new fitness routine

Sorry -- no footage available of her dancing her way to slimness

Or just cinch up my foundations a notch.

Or buy some foundations.

And I should mention that my husband always does his best to make me feel beautiful,

even when I'm acting a little ugly, or eating something equally stupid as ice cream on cereal.

I could be feeling gloomy because we did our taxes the other night and my husband didn't even want to tell me how much enormous profit my business DIDN'T make.

Who decided Americans should do taxes at this time of year, anyway?

(And besides . . . who really makes art for money?
Well, okay, money is both important and good but let's be honest --
I'd be making the stuff anyway.)

But regardless of the silly reasons for my crankiness,
he's truly a prince.

I fear I may have given you the wrong impression

when I told you the other day about his "blogging doesn't make money" dictum (see also authoritative pronouncement, decree or declaration).

So now I'm going to counter that
by telling you how he cheered me up.

First he said, "Let's get online and do something that might cheer you up!"

And then he promptly booked "Two Tickets to Paradise" . . .

We don't get to pack our bags and leave tonight (unfortunately)

but July is just around the corner, isn't it?

I certainly HOPE so.


Amanda and Christopher said...

So does your husband give lessons in husbandly wonderful-ness? Especially in dealing with wives who have minor or major cases of "the bug"? Perhaps he could make some supplemental income teaching classes.......online preferably :)

takinanap said...

whoa! your hubby looks pretty good in those leopard undies. so...baltimore contributed to your diet woes? hmmm...well, we do have alot of good stuff here, including good food. next time you are in town, i will show you some of the low fat eating hot spots:)

Anonymous said...

lucky you, to have the beautiful land of blue doors to look forward to! july will be here before you know it.

don't know why men always seem to drop pounds effortlessly, while we women can subsist on celery for months with no noticeable results. so annoying!

anyway, in those baltimore pics you look pretty tiny to me... so maybe you just need a new mirror?


april said...

-russ is a gem. glad you both can make each other so happy.
-yes, you would do art no matter what, and that's how it should be. wasting that talent is what would be a shame.
-no dieting posts please. if you'd prefer, just compare your current situation to me rather than russ. i've gained 30 + lbs since last spring - five of which since christmas. i'm still in la-la-land on how i'm going to be thinner and actually fit into a nice pair of pants rather than my sweats for my upcoming trip to california on april 8th! (i still refuse to buy pants since i keep thinking i'm losing weight - in reality all that's happening is my pants selection is getting more and more pathetic).
-march is cruel. i was walking all around hartford in freezing wind this past monday in my new summer sandals and jean jacket since the weekend had been so warm. (i had actually heard the weather report, but i just don't think i let it sink in).
-sante fe in july does sound wonderful. it's always nice to have something to look forward to and i'm sure you'll be glad to flee from humidity at that point.

Carmen Rose said...

I love your posts, so full of fun images! Enjoy your time away, this is a wierd time of year. Winter/Spring/Winter/Spring... sometimes days apart, sometimes both seasons in a single day. It's really annoying!

susan m hinckley said...

A new mirror might be good -- one for the "post 45" years, I suppose . . . but then a new wardrobe will be required, as well. Which isn't all bad, is it? :D

Jake and Chelsea said...

well the secret is out. the reason you're leaving so quickly is because you have to catch that plane to new mexico! so you couldn't just buy tickets for vermont...you had to buy tickets for new mexico too, eh?

you are bad.

and by bad i mean i'm jealous.

oh! did you get the new mexico magazine about your dream house? jake and i were a mix, but mostly the modern one, with a bit of hobbit in us.

susan m hinckley said...

I agree with your home choices -- the tree house was fun but OUTHOUSES? Even in NM, I choose plumbing. Green chile can't fix everything.

The reason we have to leave VT so soon is so that your dad can turn 50 the next day. He'd like to be in seclusion. We're having a will party. For his 60th it will be a long-term care insurance party. You're all invited!

VO said...

It was probably so cold where you live that you weighed your self in your parka. That adds bulk and pounds (especially if it's wet from rain).

You look itty bitty in the Baltimore photos ya know.

New Mexico, I'm jealous. California is nice right now but NM you get nice weather and ambience! And no parkas either!

VO said...

Ohhhh, that last sentence of mine is just terrible. Please ignore the awkwardness of it. LOL.

Amelia and Justin said...

You opted not to join us in AZ in July?? I'm shocked. ;o)

What a wonderful husband :)

susan m hinckley said...

My husband is wonderful indeed -- good to point these things out to oneself from time to time, isn't it?

And thanks for all kind remarks about my Baltimore pics -- the problem with size is, it's relative. I'm just getting a little lumpy (for my size) in some of the wrong places. And I can't breathe when my pants are done up . . .

New Mexico won't help, BTW.

Jake and Chelsea said...

i can't believe my mom wrote BTW, btw.

susan m hinckley said...

OMG! (that's gosh) I can't believe I can't write BTW without my kiddies getting all riled up about it. I'm pretty hip, so deal.

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