And now, it's . . . (drumroll) . . . Finally Finished Friday!

Thank Goodness it's Finally Finished Friday, I should say!

By the way, what is F.F.F.?

Does it mean I'm finally finished whining about the weather?

Yes (temporarily.)

Does it mean we've polished off all four boxes of girl scout cookies I inadvertently ordered while we were supposed to be dieting?

Not quite (thank goodness -- more fun for Friday night diet vacation!)

Does it mean the Sunday NY Times Crossword is filled in at last?

Yes (but can I brag about that when it took me all week?)

Wait a minute . . . could it mean Susan has actually

Unbelieveable (but true.)

So without further ado:

Earth Hug.

Just a scan so it's a little shadowy, but considering how dimensional it is, it did pretty well. I can't believe I actually found a use for that incredibly ugly old wool-covered button that's been hanging around my button box since who-knows-when. I'd like to see the garment that thing came off of.

Well, proof that anything can start over and have a great new life if given a chance!
(Including the earth.)

And I'm very pleased with the way the random beaded border turned out -- when you see a real slide, you'll be able to appreciate it more.

So this goes out to my beautiful auburn-haired environmentalist daughter, and my marvelously cute and creative youngest daughter who drew the image that inspired it in the first place:

Take a bow.

And have a cookie . . . but you'd better hurry.


Anonymous said...

you and your daughters are so talented! i love everything about this, from the background greens to the cute earth hug to the flying hair. that wool button is perfect (i'm pretty sure i've seen the coat it came from) and the mixed-beady border is a superb finishing touch.

congrats! luanne

p.s. at our house, finishing the NYT sunday crossword by the following saturday at midnight STILL counts for bragging!

takinanap said...

Thanks for your fine comments on my blog. Compliment very well accepted, since I worked at AVAM for 4 yrs, it's nice to know some of it rubbed off on me.

When you are in Bmore, we can go to lunch AND to the Visionary!

Nice work, by the way:)

Amelia and Justin said...

So, then is this the official first "Conversation Piece" by Small Works in Wool? If it is, it's a pretty good conversation starter :)

It looks wonderful. I'm sure Hannah is happy to see her work imortalized in a work of wool (I would be!)

susan m hinckley said...

This is not officially a Conversation Piece (capital letters) but I'm glad it is a "conversation piece!" There's a great old wordstrip that will be in the frame with it as well.

The new line won't launch until later this year -- somebody has to come up with the concept, and then get the money to turn it into an idea . . .

or at least work on it.

VO said...

It's fabulous and so too is your daughter for coming up with the concept.

I can never finish a crossword puzzle. :-3

april said...

love, love, love it. well done, hannah, for the conception. i too love the green in it. the bead border and lips are also fantabulous.

i realize i might have been crabby in the last post. what i should have said is "no diet posts unless it has some wonderufl vintage clips of undergarments." i do love "(british)what not to wear" ladies, who always say: "don't lose 10 lbs, just buy better underwear."

oh, and i never finish crosswords puzzles either (@VO).

april said...

suppose to be ..."the" british what not to wear ladies, who always say...

susan m hinckley said...

Everyone is allowed to be crabby at the thought of a diet post, both readers and writers. So let's just agree -- no diet posts unless I find a vintage underwear ad that just screams "post me now!" Then you may have to indulge me.

Jake and Chelsea said...




AND, about time.

Melanie said...

Well, you know this piece begged for that little old wool button. It just gives it that extra punch it needed.

Pam said...

Great post!!

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