Small Works Salutes an Extraordinary Day . . .

Usually I'm just irritated when they preempt The Price is Right, but today is all about good news.

And we were lucky enough to witness it!

I wish my grandfathers could have seen this day; it would have done them good, each in their own way. I think my father-in-law would have taken a great deal of pleasure in it, as well, and I'm sorry he will miss it.

But we were here, weren't we? And I can't help but feel . . .

Prouder to Be An American.

So let's celebrate with some great American Folk Art, shall we?

"Peace in the Valley," 1977

Yes We Did.


Jake and Chelsea said...

YES WE DID. you should check out the VPR website (vpr.net) and listen to one of the deans' interview. it was really quite amazing, and i was really lucky to be at this school at that time. i cried, and i wasn't alone. that's what made it so good.

i wasn't alone.

and i had obama face cake even though i'm on a diet.

susan m hinckley said...

Wow -- that's the only thing that would have made the day better is if I could have had some Obama face cake!

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