Small Works is brought to you today by four (okay, three) letters:

Looks may not be everything,

But what about Look-ing?

Jules Verne said, "Look with all your eyes. Look."

If we're not looking with our eyes,

what are we doing with them?

(Besides using them as an excuse to sport swell glasses . . .)

For instance, what was I doing leaving that pile of papers in my studio that I had to vacuum the dust off of before I could even get close enough to sort them? There were things in that pile that should have been thrown away in 2005.

In Two-Thousand-Five (2005)!

It's not like my eyes don't spend every day in that room.

I'm just glad I finally noticed. Could it be because I got new glasses this week? I don't think so, although it's nice to be threading needles on the first try again.

Oh yes . . . it's because I had to move the pile to get to something else I needed.

So it seems that perhaps looking around isn't enough.

That's right -- we've got to strive for Full Fidelity Sight. I don't pretend to know what Full Fidelity Sight might have meant in this ad (1960's HD, perhaps?) but it's a great idea so let's just make our own definition.

Albert Einstein said, "Small is the number of people who see with their eyes and think with their minds."

Full Fidelity Sight:

Looking + Thinking = Seeing

Here's something I found in that pile of papers. I kept this illustration because I loved that the first time I looked at it, I didn't really see.

Once I really saw what it was, of course I felt quite silly and wondered how I didn't notice the baby the first time I looked. Perhaps you're all just more observant than I am.

All I know is, the longer you look, the more you will see.

And if you look until you start to think?

Let the wonders begin.

I jotted down a line on a scrap of paper at my desk several years ago. I have no idea what it was from, but that little scrap continues to float around my desk, so it must be important. It says:

Sightless Among Miracles.

Yup. That's me.

with all your eyes,



Deb said...

Recently found your blog. Have read it all. Really, really love your small works in wool. Look forward to seeing more.

goodwillnne said...

I love this post!

Michelle, Goodwill

susan m hinckley said...

Hi, Deb -- welcome to the blog and thanks for your kind words! I'm not sure what "have read it all" means. Do you mean ALL?! WOW! Not even my mother has done that. You're a true friend.

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