Lookin' pretty tasty there, Sports Fans!

If you're anything like me, you've already given a great deal of thought (and hours of hot slaving) to your menu for Sunday's Big Game.

We actually went to the Super Bowl a few years ago, and it's something that everyone should do once in their life (if invited and paid for by someone else). I can remember perfectly who played: Earth Wind & Fire and Paul McCartney. Awesome!

Oh . . . you want to know who played?

I actually had to ask Russ for that bit of info because I honestly had no memory of that. Patriots vs. Eagles. And I saw John McCain there, which was kind of cool because it was way back in the years when I was kind of intrigued by John McCain because he seemed like . . . well . . . a bit of a maverick.

But watching at home is much much better because you can pay no attention except during the commercials, easily access a bathroom as needed, have a less-close-up view of the cheerleaders, and if neither Paul McCartney nor Earth Wind & Fire is playing, your spouse can provide half-time entertainment!

Oh yes . . . you can also eat whatever you want! So on the off-chance that your menu is still up in the air, I've gathered a few suggestions for you.

If you're lucky enough to live somewhere south of the north pole, perhaps you should consider a barbecue. Here are

that are sure to impress your friends and make your party memorable, long after everyone has forgotten who played in the actual game:

Fill canned peaches with ketchup and put them on the grill . . . . ?
(FYI -- The actual title of this dish was "Patio Spectacular!")

Make a side dish that involves lemon jello (with salt and vinegar added) and potato salad. Garnish with pimiento . . . ?

Concoct anything that involves
"Can 'o Beef" and "Sack 'o Barbecue Sauce".

I especially like how appetizing the "Sack 'o Barbecue Sauce" looks when you open the can and it's stuck in there on top of the meat-product.

If you don't like any of those ideas, pour some canned gravy over your hotdogs. You can add a tsp. prepared mustard as suggested to dress it up a little.

Because Hinckleyville is up north, we're going to have to import our sunny fun. I'm delighted to report that the centerpiece of our Super Bowl party has arrived (by a hail-Mary mail delivery -- just this afternoon!) in the nick of time. We'll be eating this:

Now pay attention to what I'm telling you. I know, I blab about a lot of things but this is something YOU'LL WANT TO KNOW ABOUT. . . AND REMEMBER! And if you have any sense at all, you'll order some for yourself from the little shop in Tesuque, NM here.

However, we'll need more than just chips and salsa, so perhaps some guacamole.

And my other favorite food, cheeseburgers?

But should it be Oliveburger Specials, or Relishburgers, or Hamburger Layer Cakes, or Crowned Hamburgers, or Grilled Cheeseburgers with . . . whatever those green things are on top (I think they look like unnaturally green little frogs).

How to choose?

Which would go best with that lemon jello thingy?


Jeanie said...

No offense meant, but this posting kind of made me lose my appetite (which is not necessarily a bad thing).

Sara and Cory said...

I am still laughing!! Wow, did people not have tastebuds back then or what?? Those are some of the scariest recipes I have seen! Thanks for the laugh!

susan m hinckley said...

I wish it had made me lose my appetite, because this morning (post super bowl) my pants felt just about as tight as they did the day after Christmas, which was not pretty. Unfortunately, we have just begun to scratch the surface of my wealth of scary old recipes, so there will be more to come . . .

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